Dear Editor,

RE: Red Flags Waving

The recent and falsified statements in the last newspaper [letter to editor] concerning the Walker Lake Advisory Board (WLAB) are not well thought out or based upon facts, but rather based upon words from someone who didn’t get his way – so thus he is absenting himself from all WLAB support – unless of course it is “his way” and could well be part of many reasons the original Walker Lake Advisory Board was not given support by community members and I being one of them.

This is someone who rabble-rouses with all kinds of assumptions and distortions, brushing away essential facts of these issues, either intentionally or non -intentionally. Do you really want someone who is willing to falsify events and time-lines actually representing you? This type of reasoning is rather disingenuous, if not downright dishonest.

With so many red flags waving in the last editorial, I am gratified we have the solid, caring individuals currently on the WLAB. Whether new to the community or with far-ranging knowledge of past issues there exists healthy counterbalance to the WLAB. And more importantly, they are willing to give it a try and will use proper procedures to achieve it.

We all have genuine hope for the future of Walker Lake which could be the future of Mineral County. But hope is only a tease without action. However, by bringing our community together and using the Walker Lake Advisory Board to research current problems and future issues that this community will have to deal with, we will be able to turn hope into action The WLAB volunteers are there to do exactly that and to help make up-to-date recommendations. This ultimately will lead to positive and life-affirming policies – not wild speculation and sour grapes.

I am thankful for all the work done by the Walker Lake Working Group and many others who, over such a period of so many years, have preserved to save our lake. I am also thankful for the Walker Lake GID for taking the reins to solve our garbage problems and recently individuals here at the lake have worked together to clarify and use an “eight point tie-down” system to secure trailers in high wind events. These are examples of unsung heroes in our community. With these kinds of people so many good things can be accomplished.

Georgia K Manes