Dear Editor,

There is definitely a lot of misinformation going around regarding the Recall Petition. The Mineral County Recall Committee is committed to the recall of Commissioner MacBeth due to the fact that he held the deciding vote that put in Ordinance #229A, Bill 245. Prior to this ordinance, Mineral County had Ordinance #179A, Bill No. 195, which already covered storage and collection of garbage, trash, and other refuse; Sanitation of Real Property; and Nuisance Abatement.  It already had covered cleaning up private properties.

The problem with Ordinance #229A is in many places.

8.40.080 (A) states that “no person shall keep, for any reason……unregistered vehicle or vehicles……..upon any public or PRIVATE PROPERTY within the County”. So if someone is working on a vehicle long term or just wanting to keep an undriveable vehicle they cannot keep it on their own private property without registering it UNLESS you have it contained with a fenced enclosure which screens it OR it is within a garage or other building so it is not seen!

8.40.100 (C) a structure or building that had more than 25% damage by an act of God or any other cause cannot be left for more than 10 days!   AND (D) cannot leave a building or structure in a state of unprogressing construction for more than sixty days.  AND (E) fencing in disrepair is a nuisance! AND (F) “Buildings or structures where there is substantial peeling or wearing off of exterior paint”  AND FINALLY (S) “Any other condition which IN THE JUDGMENT OF THE COUNTY BUILDING OFFICIAL creates a blight to adjoining property.

8.40.140M (A) The County is authorized and directed to make inspections of property, abandoned buildings and premises to determine compliance with this chapter…… (B) It shall be the duty of the County Building Official… investigate…

The Mineral County Recall Committee is not against cleaning up property, it is however against a process that fines a person without that person ever having his day in court.  And it is against anyone being able to ‘inspect’ private property without a warrant and 8.40.140 says nothing about needing a warrant to inspect property!  These two things are the base of the problem.  We feel that anyone voting for anything that takes away or side steps basic constitutional rights should not be in a position of power in this county.   This new ordinance was not needed; the county already had a ‘clean up’ ordinance in place.

There is much more to this ordinance but not enough room here to go over all of it. This ordinance is 20 pages long and available in its entirety at the County Clerk’s office. We urge everyone to obtain a copy, read it for yourself and then make your own decision what this ordinance says. Don’t take anyone else’s word for it, read it for yourself.

Joan Inlow, Secretary

Mineral County Recall Committee


Dear Editor,

It seems of late that people are accusing the Mineral County Recall Committee of being extreme and stirring up discontent and hate. This is definitely a false accusation! What we are running up against is the age old division between those who continually rally for more government control over our lives, and those who want less government control over our lives and private property. We are not stirring up this division. It has been prevalent across this nation and in this county for a good many years. It is now growing rapidly.

As far as extremist goes, I find it very hard to explain radical extreme laws without sounding extreme. Those who seem to support a big brother government mentality are using antics such as restricting our rights to enforce speed limits and make our children safe, (which was never a constitutionally guaranteed right) to justify and smooth over legislation that is designed to give a building official the power to search your home anytime he/she chooses, and to smooth over the fact the new law directly states it is retroactive which eliminates being grand-fathered in with older homes.

The law allows for excessive fines and the elimination of due process.
While these people keep saying ‘Trust what we are telling you instead of what he is saying,’ I am saying go get a copy of the ordinance from the County Clerk and read it for yourselves! Stop trusting what the ones that are deceiving you are saying, and look it up for yourselves. It really isn’t that hard to decipher this law, and it really is that horrible!
The law is retroactive (unconstitutional). (sec. 8.40.020 E.)

The law violates your privacy by authorizing searches without probable cause. (sec. 8.40.150 E.).

The law grants the county the right to ridiculous excessive fines. (sec. 8.40.160. B 3)
Don’t listen to the hype, be an informed citizen and then follow your conscience.
There is a reason they are keeping the conversation away from the actual conditions of the Ordinance!

Catch the next set of information and signing events by the Mineral County Recall Committee and we will guide you in your search if you need help.

Glen H. Inlow