Dear Editor,

I would personally like to thank the members of Search and Rescue for all they do for our community and surrounding communities.  For those of you who don’t know what they do I would like to give a short over view: they come out in the middle of the night to rescue someone off of Boundary Peak, or wherever you are, in the rain, snow, wind and heat; they stand in three feet of a mudslide as they pull you and your vehicle out of harm’s way; they assist in traffic control when an area is deemed unsafe; they pull you and your boat to safety when you are broke down in the middle of the lake.  These are just a very few scenarios Search and Rescue assists with.  There is not one time since 2007, when I first became a member of the community that Search and Rescue has ever said no to helping when help was needed.  I want to thank all of you and your families for being committed and amazing at what you do.


Donna Johnson

Communications Supervisor for the Mineral County Sheriffs Office

Dear Editor,

Clearly  there is a power battle going on in this county, on one side we have thee ignorant and thee arrogant who wish to rule us.

On the other side you have those who basically wish to live in peace.

I myself am on the side of freedom. Freedom from the fear of the sheriff. Freedom from the fear of the inspector. Freedom from the fear of the tax assessor.

Sincerely yours,

Wilken D. Jones aka Longshadow

Dear Editor,

The vultures have gathered round the body of tiny hopeful company that calls itself GEN and it’s all about the money.

The money for government and the money for lenders. The public officials whose wages, jobs are paid by taxes and fees and depending upon making sure that none of the hundreds and hundreds of state, local and federal laws, statutes and requirements, are violated.

That all the fees for all the permits and licenses are collected, and they can be very high. County commissioners see to that. They too collect county wages.

Our lazy county commissioners could have very easily cut thru the red tape with a vote and the stroke of a pen to at least have allowed GEN to have a mobile organic chicken farm up and running by now.

All it is basically is just a roaming truck full of chickens.

I think Mr. Inlow is right. We’ve got too many rules and regulations. Too many power trippers and too many public officials that are basically trying to insure that the county and the money lenders will all profit and even make money.

Even if the tiny little company that calls itself GEN is stomped out of existence.

I ask you Mr. Morris, is that the way to attract business to Mineral County?

Wilken Duane Jones