Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter as a board member of the Mineral County Economic Development Authority to set the record straight.

MCEDA is a nonprofit corporation. It was founded in 1986 by Mineral County residents and continues to serve clients seeking business opportunities in our community. It is and will continue to be a significant contributor to Mineral County and beyond. The agency is able to partner with corporations that want to make the community grow.

The organization is funded by client sponsorships, private donations, business services, consulting fees and grants. It is and always has been an independent private nonprofit corporation, not a part of local government.

MCEDA holds long term contracts with its clients for the business and government services it provides.

The future of this nonprofit organization is strong due to its ability to develop long term customer relationships and provide new business startup and county redevelopment support.

It is unfortunate that the Mineral County Board of Commissioners voted to redirect MCEDA grant funding to another organization in another county without appropriate presentations to county voters. Now the funding is forever lost to Mineral County and will benefit Carson City.

A part time person who will come from Carson City or elsewhere once in a while is a far cry from full time services.

The board and our director, Shelley Hartmann embrace change and will continue to focus on the needs of our clients within Mineral County and beyond. We look forward to the next election for our voters to speak.


Maryknoll B. Bowen
Walker La