Dear Editor,

As everyone can see our Congress has a problem when it comes to bringing bills up for a vote. At this time Nancy Pelosi controls what comes up for a vote in the House and Mitch McConnell decides in the Senate. Many bills are not even submitted because they know one of these two will not bring the bill up for a vote. This system is wrong and unfair for politicians and the American people.

Also, Pelosi and McConnell both also have too much power over how representatives vote on bills which is actually the job of the constituents of each member. Two recent examples of this problem: 1. The denial of McConnell to bring two bills up for election security and 2. Nancy Pelosi’s control over the impeachment question. Both the House and the Senate should have a committee with equal representation to make decisions on bills and representatives should be able to vote as their constituents want them to vote.

Representatives in Congress should not be forced to vote as their party wants them to vote by any type of threat to their position and two people should not control Congress. I would suggest everyone contact their congressman and senator to let them know how we all feel. This would be real power for the people.

Bud Twilling