Photos by Dawn McGauhey
The Mineral County High School Class of 2019 took the stage Friday night and graduated 34 seniors.
Class of 2019 Valedictorian McKenna Cardenas speaks during Friday’s ceremony as MCHS Principal Jeff Wales looks on.
Seniors Krystal Kenner and Kaden Sunderland were all smiles at the MCHS graduation ceremony Friday.

Mineral County High School said goodbye to another class of graduates on Friday night. The MCHS Class of 2019 promoted 34 seniors from childhood to adulthood with just the turn of a tassel. In the yellow and black gym, with family and friends looking on, McKenna Cardenas, Class of 2019 valedictorian gave a heartfelt thank you to those who supported her and her education. Gloria Bale, who had previously graduated from Western Nevada College on May 20 with her associate’s degree, gave the salutatorian address.

Over $190,000 in scholarships were awarded just day’s prior to the graduation. Two seniors have chosen to forgo college and have entered into the United States military. Jonathan Turner Wells did not walk with his class, as he had already entered boot camp for the United States Army. James Trenton (J.T.) Rowson was given a round of applause when it was announced that he would be joining the United States Air Force. Anastasiya Kravets, foreign exchange student from Turkmenistan would join the class that welcomed her with open arms as she too – received recognition with the Class of 2019.

Those graduating with advanced diplomas were: Gloria Jaide Bale; Amyah Audreyana Boyd; McKenna Reed Cardenas; David Lee Ditmer III; Trinidi Kilene Isom; Raynee Alexandria Knight; Anastasiya Igorevna Kravets; Tyler Allan-Lopaka McNamara; Ciera Angeliqua Norman and Helen Sanchez.

Guest speakers of the class were Shelley Tweedy and Ann Kee. Kee would begin her speech, “Look at this amazing group of students. Some of the adventures we have shared are a 24 hour road trip in life threatening positions.” She would recount how her and some of the students had just missed the Hawthorne tornado of June 5, 2015, camping trips, cow tipping adventures, snowboarding trips and Walker Lake beach days. Seventeen students in this class started kindergarten together and ended their school career on Friday night. Throughout Kee’s speech, each graduate was told, “You are loved”.

“In notable addition to the selected winners, MCHS Senior Quintin Ferguson was also selected for the innovative Tesla Apprenticeship program. Quintin will be receiving not only hands on training, but will be furthering his academic education in automation and robotics at Truckee Meadows Community College under the high school graduate apprenticeship program. 

Boyd and Deveon Settergren-Davis applied and selected from a fiercely competitive state-wide application pool to dutifully attend the Youth Leadership Summit\NCCEP GEAR UP Conference, which takes place July 14-17 in San Francisco, Calif. Kendalle Dummar three year graduate will be enthusiastically receiving an honorary diploma with the Class of 2019 on Honor Roll. Robert McFalls will be playing in the 2019 All Native-American Basketball Showcase next month”, stated Cateinna Berginnis, GEAR UP coordinator for Mineral County school District.

Altogether, the senior class was awarded over $190,000 in scholarships.