As over 50 kids gathered at the final round of the Kilimanjaro Vacation Bible School program, it ended with a big cream pie going into Pastor John Murray’s face. The pastor of the First Baptist Church, located on 8th and C St., was transformed into a campground, with a tent on the platform and children’s masked faces the likes of animals you would see lurking in a jungle.

The week long hunting expedition led many children through the book of Proverbs, with competitive games – boys against the girls, and an offering based on weight yielding the girls team as the final winners. Two girls were chosen from the team to throw the pie-in-the-face as on-lookers screamed with delight.

Even the 20 volunteers joined in the fun by providing a lunch and they tallied up the offerings which came to over $200 going to the Children Hunger Fund. Pastor Murray explained that twenty-five cents will feed one child a meal in Africa, and this organization operates with only 1.8 percent going for overhead. In researching who the money would benefit the most, he was impressed with those numbers.

The church sponsored the orange shirts as part of the excitement for the week.