From the Sept. 20 meeting

Safety message

Emergency Manager Pat Hughes gave the safety talk regarding safe driving.

BLM Updates

Kenneth Collum, Field Manager Stillwater Field Office/BLM Carson City District gave an update to the commissioners regarding the district. Fire-wise for the district was 220,000 acres this year. Mineral County didn’t have many fires this year. Endemic toad found in Dixie Valley. Geothermal operators are now putting in for a 19 kilowatt to help enhance when they have low geothermal.

The Rawhide Expansion will read the same for Isabella Pearl. Teels Marsh is still seeking to fund. 32 authorized notices to explore in Mineral County. Marietta Burro gathered 129 burros. 11 were adopted locally. The Walker Lake boat ramp, the federal highways contacted BLM and Collum requested a meeting with Eric Hamrey.

OHV events discussed. VORRA will be going back for their five-year permit.

Business license

The following business licenses were approved to do business in Mineral County: Jett Gaming dba Safeway Store 2255 (Timothy Herbst). [The commissioners approved under the county gaming board] and GP Global, LLC (George Pomeroy).

Dispute of fees

The commissioner met in regards to dispute of fees charged by Hawthorne Utilities on Lot 9 in Block 117.

Larry Grant, Director of Hawthorne Utilities, explained that the lots had been sold in the 600 block of M Street and some of the lots fell under the seven-year rule of the ordinance.

Grant explained what equipment belongs to Hawthorne Utilities. Grant and the commissioners agreed to run a yearly ad in the local paper reminding people of the seven-year rule on inactive accounts. No action was taken.

Brush truck

Fire Chief T.C. Knight met with the commissioner regarding replacing the skid unit on the brush truck. Hamrey questioned other equipment sitting in county yard. The commissioners approved replacing skid unit at a cost of $4,500.

Interlocal agreement

Sheriff Randy Adams met with the commission relating to an interlocal agreement to provide regional public safety mutual aid between the counties of Churchill; Lyon; Mineral and Storey. A SWAT team is being developed with these agencies. Motion passed.

Justice Court

Brent Ryman, attorney for Mineral County met with the commissioners in regards to a request from Hawthorne Justice Court’s request for additional employees funding. The agenda item also included the following, “This item may be interrupted by a closed attorney-client session to discuss threatened litigation in compliance with NRS 241.015(2)(b) regarding request from Hawthorne Justice Court for additional employee funding and threatened legal action, which is not a meeting for the purposes of Nevada’s Open Meeting Law and will not be open to the public.”

Ryman is representing the county in regards to a letter of demand from the Hawthorne Justice Court. He is retained by the Nevada Public Agency POOL.

Ryman explained the background of the agenda item. He discussed the backlog of work in that office. He also explained The City of Sparks vs. Sparks Justice Court case.

Attorney Rico Cordova representing Judge Jay Gunter with Hawthorne Justice Court and gave a background on why the funding is needed.

In 2006, the Hawthorne Justice Court handled 500 cases. It has since increased up to over 5,000. Discussion of missed calls. It was explained that there is a backlog of over $60,000 in unprocessed citations.

Discussion between Judge Gunter, Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer and the commissioners regarding budgeting of employee, requests, layoffs, etc.

The commissioners met in an attorney-client session closed meeting.

After the closed meeting, Commissioner Chris Hegg asked if there are retirements could Judge Gunter come back in front of the commissioners. He explained he will no longer be the judge.

Commissioner Tipton would like in March of 2018 to sit down and review his employee needs then.

Recorder-Auditor Hoferer weighed in on the issue discussing her obligation to balance the county budget and the purchase of a countywide new software system. She explained that she would like to address the commissioners at the next budget meeting to curtail spending due to the purchase of the new software system.

Commissioner Hegg made a motion to accept the current hired position by Judge Gunter as well as the second position as proposed in the “threatening litigation”. Commissioner Tipton added to the motion to review the second position at the budget time and depending on information and standards that are set by the judge, the commissioners will assess the position. The motion was approved.

Public Guardian

Mike James, Mineral County Public Guardian met with the commissioners for consideration and possible action relative to reappointing the public guarding pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 253.150. The item was approved.

Sick leave request

Judge Gunter met with the commissioners for possible sick leave donation for a justice court employee. He explained that is for an employee who had surgery and needs to be out longer than expected. Employees can donate for up 80 hours of sick leave. The item was granted.

Senate Bill 305

Recorder-Auditor Hoferer explained the possibility to adopt an ordinance for the recorder-auditor to collect an additional fee to fund legal services for abused and neglected children. She asked for the commissioner to resend their previous action regarding this ordinance. She would like for her office to begin tracking expenses used in such cases for abused and neglected children.


Clerk-Treasurer Chris Nepper asked the commissioner to purchase a new server and software for the DevNet system. The cost was over $19,000. Recorder-Auditor Hoferer would like the chance to see what other vendors have to offer. Item to be continued.

Dog run

Hamrey discussed the dog run and construction at Veterans Park. Commissioner Garth Price asked if Jon Johnson was happy with the progress. There is around $600-$700 in donations for the run. Hamrey will get with the Independent-News after completed for an article.

Federal Dynamics Corporation

Robert Alan Kemp, CEO of Federal Dynamics Corporation asked to make a public presentation by Federal Dynamics Corporation on their selection of the Hawthorne Industrial Airport to construct the Hawthorne Air Logistics Center.

Kemp asked the commissioners to execute a resolution regarding the Airport Advisory Committee findings as well as having Commissioner Hegg and Hamrey sign a nondisclosure agreement regarding Federal Dynamics Corporation financial data.

Kemp explained that Hawthorne has very little encroachment and he feels that it will be a good fit. Federal Dynamics Corporation is an airplane start-up company who builds engines. Kemp went on to explain his needs for the airport and Babbitt property.

He explained the moving of the rail on base property.

Clerk-Treasurer Nepper read a letter from the Airport Advisory Board into record endorsing the Federal Dynamics Corporation project.

Commissioner Hegg and Kemp discussed confidentiality between Mineral County and Federal Dynamics Corporation.

District Attorney Hegg explained that Kemp’s agenda item did not specify that the commissioner’s sign any documentation at that time.

Commissioner Price asked why does the commissioner have to put Kemp on the agenda when Kemp can place himself on the agenda. Kemp stated that he wants to be invited.

Kemp expressed that he would like the commissioners to enter into some sort of agreement with him prior to him returning. Both Commissioner Hegg and Commissioner Price expressed concerns about not being informed enough and would not sign or enter into any type of agreement.

610 Fir Street nuisance complaint

The commissioners met in regards to a nuisance complaint for 610 Fir Street in Hawthorne, Parcel 001-391-05. He explained that this had been on the docket previously. Mike Fontaine, Mineral County Building Inspector stated he could not find an unregistered building and addressed the weeds.

Hamrey explained that some of the weeds block the stop signs. Fontaine will write the land owner a letter.

825 F Street nuisance complaint

The commissioners discussed the abandoned vehicles on the property as well as the trees on the property. Discussion of what could be in the 50-gallon drums. Fire Chief Knight gave his opinion. Commissioner Tipton made a motion that the property has a nuisance. Fontaine is to follow up.

351 First Avenue nuisance complaint

This was put back on the agenda by Deputy Clerk Heidi Johnson in regards to the capture of feral cats. Fontaine explain that the owner had passed away and that the son of owner would be willing to travel from out of town to clean the property. Fontaine requests that this item be placed back on the docket after cleaned.

Fontaine also told the commissioners that he sent over the nuisance ordinance to the commissioners for review.

Office space

Sarah Dillard requested for office space at the Boys & Girls Club. Hamrey stated he had two contractors looked at the building and he obtained a quote as well as Hamrey’s employees.

Wiring for the office space was discussed.

Hamrey will be agendizing tenant agreements for the Armory Building.

Dillard explained that her office will be taking space at the Mineral County School District instead.

Fire department reinstatement

Brett Boukather met with the commissioners in regards to consideration and possible action relative to the request for employment reinstatement at the fire department.

Boukather explained the background on the reasoning for his wanted reinstatement. He stated he only worked one day at the department.

He stated that he felt concerned regarding many items that need to be addressed in the department.

Commissioner Tipton asked Recorder-Auditor Hoferer regarding probationary period for the fire department. She then asked District Attorney Rowe his opinion.

Boukather feels as though he needed to speak up and say something regarding what was broken.

A motion was made to deny the reinstatement of Boukather’s employment.