Mineral County Board of County Commissioner highlights from Jan. 15

Safety message

Patrick Hughes, emergency manager spoke about electrical safety.

Agenda approval

Commissioner Christine Hoferer asked that item 23: “For consideration and a possible action relative to appointments to the Mineral County Local Emergency Planning Commission” be removed. The agenda was approved with that following recommendation.

Accounts payable

Recorder-Auditor Cindy Nixon and deputy recorder-auditor Alicia Sweet presented the accounts payable, credit card approval form request, capital outlay purchase orders and auditor’s cash report by fund as agendized. Commissioner Garth Price asked Eric Hamrey how much it would take to get the softball field back into operation, which included sprinklers, grass, etc. Hoferer asked about an invoice from National Association of Counties amount of Mineral County’s PILT funding. Hoferer would like a report of funds.

Treasurer’s account

DeMars gave the commissioners the report.


DeMars stated that Kirk Bausman sent in a letter of resignation from the airport board. The state lands letter for the lake property has been recorded.

Approval of minutes

The minutes from Dec. 18, 2019 was approved.

BLM update

Kenneth Collum, field manager for the Stillwater Field Office Carson City District met with the commissioners to give an update. Grazing will be evaluated on three allotments south of Mina. Pilot-Table assessment responses are being finalized. An application for Liberty Utilities was given. They would like to add more solar panels to the facility in Luning. Price asked that Liberty Utilities keep the commissioners informed. Wild Rose Geothermal is looking to drill more holes for temperature control issues. The Mineral County map went to the state office for review.

Leave donation

Nixon met with the commissioner regarding a request for leave donation following exhaustion of employee’s accrued sick and annual leave as provided in Local 39 Collective Bargaining agreement (CBA), Section B. Maternity Leave and Section 5.4 Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provisions in Mineral County Personnel Policies. Hoferer explained there was too much information given on this agenda item and that it can be simply put on the agenda with one sentence due to employee privacy. Price made a motion. It was approved.

Budget instructions

Nixon met with the commissioners to annual budget instructions to county departments for the upcoming budget process for fiscal year 2019-2020 and fiscal year 2020-2021. Budget hearings will be the week of March 23.

Map cabinet

Deputy assessor Kelly Owens met with the commissioners to discuss the approval of donating a map cabinet to the planning commission. The cabinet had been holding maps used by search and rescue and is no longer needed by the assessor’s office. The motion passed.

Critical shortage

Sheriff Randy Adams asked the commissioners to extend Deputy Curtis Schlepp’s PERS critical shortage employment due to un-POST certified personnel in the jail. Hoferer directed Adams to work with the recorder-auditor’s office in writing the letter to PERS.


Clarence Lininger asked the commissioners if he could be added to the retiree insurance under Mineral County. After research, Lininger can have up to 75 percent of his insurance premium covered by the county.

Grant approval

Cherrie George, Senior Services Director asked for the approval/acceptance of Notice of Sub-Award (NOSA) for fiscal year 2020 Congregate Meals grant in the amount of $79,567 and Home Delivered Meals grant in the amount of $82,300. Hoferer stated this was a forgiveness grant. The motion passed to accept.

Radon Month

Patty Click with cooperative extension asked the commissioners to approve a proclamation proclaiming January 2020 as “National Radon Action Month” in Mineral County. Free test kits are available at the extension office through February. The proclamation was read into record.

SERC items

Hughes asked the commissioners for approval of the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) compliance items. Hoferer abstained from voting due to her participation with the Local Emergency Planning Commission appointment.

Library vacancy

Courtney Oberhansli, Mineral County Librarian asked the commissioners to fill one vacancy on the Mineral County Library Board of Trustees. Elizabeth Chisolm filled in for Oberhansli. The library board recommended Phillip Ratliff to fill the position. The commissioners took the recommendation.

Credit card use

Christina Boyles asked the commissioners to allow the usage of the park and recreation credit card to pay for the public bathing place (pool) license online. The request was authorized.

Airport secretary

Hamrey asked for the approval of renewal of Joyce Brown’s contract as secretary for Hawthorne Industrial Airport/Mineral County Airport Land Use Advisory Commission. The renewal was made through June 2020.

Planning secretary

Mark Nixon requested the approval of secretarial contract for Joyce Brown. The renewal was made through June 2020.

Convention Tourism vacancy

Mike McNeill from Mineral County Convention and Tourism Authority asked for the appointment of one hotel representative and one motel representative to the Mineral County Convention and Tourism Authority Board to fill two expiring terms on Dec. 31, 2019. New term lengths are from Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2021, per Nevada Revised Statute. McNeill explained that they received only two letters, those were from Woody Isom and Terry Rideout. Both were approved.

MOU with convention and tourism

McNeill asked for the renewal of the memo of understanding between Mineral County Commissioners and the Mineral County Convention and Tourism Authority for a two-year term from Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2021. McNeill explained that in the past non-profits have used the building and do not want to sign paperwork or leave insurance information. The MOU was amended and approved.

Regional Transportation Commission

The Regional Transportation Commission met in regular session. The minutes were approved. Revenue to regional transportation for fuel sales at the airport was $1,664; revenue to Hawthorne Airport was $450. The fund report shows a balance of $26,234.04, according to the printout from the auditor’s office. Donna Oberhansli stated that the balance is incorrect as the balance should be over $150,000. The subject of the Master Plan for Mineral County was discussed. It was noted that though the county’s master plan should be revisited every five year – Mineral County’s Master Plan was last updated in 2010. Discussion on Walker Lake General Improvement District cutting roads and using a contractor who is also the president of the general improvement district. Hamrey will adopt a form for road cutting permits and Hoferer asked who the letter will come from. Discussion of new stop signs installed. Oberhansli explained that there is $75,000 in funds for culverts. They will be used in Bodie Canyon. She reported there was $70,000 granted to them for road maintaining in the year 20201. The commission will meet again on Feb. 19.

Mina Town Board

Jeff Barrow, chairman of Mina Town Advisory Board asked for a letter of interest and appointment of Jeff Barrow to the Mina town Advisory Board. A motion was made and approved.


Chris Nepper, Clerk-Treasurer of Mineral County agendized an item relative to approval of payroll time submission for the board of commissioners and appointed department directors. Tammy Hamrey came in to ask if Nepper could have permission to do fair and recreation, emergency manager and safety payroll as well as the county commissioners. She explained that the paper leave slips will no longer be used. The commissioners asked for a leave report at the beginning of each month. Tammy advised the commissioners of the problems she is having with the new system.

Grant applications

Hoferer agendized an item regarding the board’s policy requiring prior approval to submit grant applications. She explained a new pilot program where there is $1 million in seed money for matching funds. Hoferer explained that Mineral County departments will need to bring in their requests and the items will be prioritized.

Hoferer asked if the other commissioners would like her to write a policy regarding grants. Price would like a memorandum/directive to all department heads.


Price gave an update from the county commissioners on the 2020 Census. Price explained that an article needs to be written so a committee can be established for Mineral County.

Public comment

Price explained that Jeff Bryant with Walker Basin Conservancy will be coming down to give a presentation to Mineral County.

After one year, Price has finally been accepted to the SLUPAC committee.

Hoferer wanted to send the commissioners condolence to Kelli Zuniga in the loss of her husband.