The US Army Materiel Command announced the recipients of the Louis Dellamonica Award for outstanding AMC Personnel of the Year for 2016.

The awardees were: Arnold Beland, US Army Chemical Materials Activity; Wade Brown, Headquarters, US Army Materiel Command; Lisa DaPonte, US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command; Lisa Hall, US Army Aviation and Missile Command; Colleen Holloway, US Army Communications-Electronics Command; Kari Pelton, US Army Contracting Command; Timothy Potter, US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity; Gary Reasnor, US Army Joint Munitions Command; Pamela Robertson, US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command; Gregory Stopyra, US Army Sustainment Command and Lt. Col. Hugh Sponseller, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.

Though the names of those who have received the award are not familiar to locals, the name of Louis Dellamonica – is.

A native Nevadan, Dellamonica was born on March 23, 1912, in Yerington and went to the University of Nevada to earn a degree in electrical engineering in 1934.

He began his career at the Hawthorne Naval Facility as an electrician in 1941 in the battery shop but Dellamonica’s talents soon shined when the base went to support wartime munitions requirements and Dellamonica designed and oversaw the installation of a new, anti-spark, explosion proof electrical and lighting system in the plant and on the production lines.

He also developed testing systems for 2.75-inch and 5-inch Zuni rockets.

Besides working at the depot, Dellamonica was instrumental in getting the television to Mineral County, installing a light up on TV Hill, where he would snow shoe into after the light would go out due to a winter storm.

At the age of 94, Dellamonica, finally slowed down and retired but not after helping to demilitarized 67,000 tons of ammunition, safely. He retired in 2007 with over 65 years of service to Hawthorne Army Depot.