County Commission Seat C candidate

If elected, what are your top three priorities of Mineral County and why?

1. Improving economic development in the County. I wrote the regional economic development plan that was the foundation for the current economic boom in Reno and Storey County. I believe that Mineral County can do a better job of working with Reno, Sparks, and Carson City to identify businesses that would be great fits for Mineral County, but are perhaps not the best fits for large cities. 2. Working to ensure Interstate 11 comes through Hawthorne, Schurz, and Mina. The initial decision by NDOT was very favorable to our County, but until shovels are in the ground, that decision could change. As a former Congressional aide, I understand how to work with our federal delegation and federal agencies to ensure the initial decision becomes the final decision. 3. Increasing funding for the Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department. We only pay deputies $13.50 an hour to start and some volunteer firefighters do not have proper equipment. I support modifying the County’s zoning ordinance to allow marijuana-based businesses 2 miles outside of town boundaries, placing a 2.75% tax on those businesses, and reserving 50% of the funds raised from those businesses for use by the Sheriff’s and Fire Departments.

The job of county commissioner doesn’t end with attending two meetings a month. Commissioners must be available to their staff and county residents. How will you manage your time in order to be an informed member of the commission?

Should I be elected, I will treat the position of County Commissioner as a full time job. I currently work as a consultant, but if elected to the Commission, I would leave that work and be a full time Commissioner. I believe that constituent inquiries–be them emails or phone calls– should be returned within 48 hours. If elected, I will hold myself to that standard. If someone is having trouble understanding a document a County agency sent, or if a business is seeking input from Commissioners about what would be supported by the Community, they deserve prompt, accurate, and respectful answers. To be effective, Commissioners have to work well with surrounding jurisdictions like Fernley, Fallon, and Yerington and attend meetings of regional governing boards; Commissioners also have to meet with state legislators and Members of Congress about County issues. In short, I believe that this is a full time job. I believe full-time jobs deserve full-time commitments, which is why I pledge that the $24,000 annual salary paid to Commissioners will be my only source of income for my entire term should I be elected to the Commission.