County Commission Seat C candidate

For those who may not know me, I am Christine Hoferer. I currently serve as Mineral County’s Recorder Auditor. I will be completing my fifth (5th) term at the end of this year. After numerous citizens approached me to run for County Commissioner – I decided to do so for a number of reasons.

If elected, what are your top three priorities of Mineral County and why?

My first priority if elected will be the first duty in front of the Board – the County’s budget. This process begins in the first three months of the new year. I’ve been preparing and presenting the budget to the board for 20 years and now will play an active role in the decisions as a commissioner. It’s a lengthy and sometimes difficult process – but one I am ready for.

My second priority will be bringing back accountability to all who serve our citizens. In the last 32 years, I’ve seen a lot. I want to pass on my experience in what it means to “serve”. I think a lot of these basic principles are lacking these days. Morals, honesty, integrity and ethics are requirements in my opinion.

Not necessarily a third priority, but I want to continue to see the County through with the software transition that will affect all County Offices. Currently, the transition for our recording system is just about complete. Next are the financials. This is the one that will basically affect all County offices. It’s a huge change that requires the knowledge of all the operations of our County, which will include our County Commission.

The job of county commissioner doesn’t end with attending two meetings a month. Commissioners must be available to their staff and county residents. How will you manage your time in order to be an informed member of the commission?

Thank you for this question! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve said over the past two years that this new “limitation” of Commission meetings doesn’t always work. There used to be four meetings per month. There are departmental issues, grant applications to name a few, which this limitation is not working for County departments and the public. As I will be retiring from my full time position – I will be giving my all to being an active and informed board member. There are numerous boards and meetings that are divided between the three board members and I will certainly take on my share. I look forward to working with all the County departments as well. I’ve stated before that I think there is room for improvement in several areas of our local government. I believe that starts with communication and a willingness to work together and for all of us to do our best to serve our community. I believe myself to be the most experienced, dedicated and a proven candidate to hold this leadership position for our County.