Mineral County students returned to their classrooms on Monday, after their summer vacation. The district office reported at fewer than 600 children are registered to attend, but noted that the first day counts can change as the new school year continues.

Hawthorne Elementary would see 298 children coming through the doors whereas Schurz Elementary would only have 56 students registered on the first day of school. Hawthorne Junior High School had 83 students who are attending sixth, seventh or eighth grade and the high school had 141 students.

The students weren’t the only ones that were returning to the classroom. This year, there are two new long term substitute teachers. Taylor Doolin will be teaching sixth grade and Bea Whitney will be helping junior his students with their English studies.

New staff also welcomed at the Mineral County School District are: Kathryn Frost and Michael Stephens who are cafeteria staff; Lance West, as new principal to Schurz Elementary and Devin Loughry who was a long term substitute last year but received his teaching license and will be educating those students at Hawthorne Elementary School in the 4th grade.

Mineral County School District will hold an “official count” day where students’ numbers are reported to the Nevada State Board of Education.

Drivers should be reminded that with school back in session that the school zone speed limit remains at 15 miles per hour and students will be picked up and dropped off by school buses along various routes (see schedule in this week’s edition).