Sheriff Stewart Handte reluctantly accepted the resignation of Undersheriff Patty Thyne. Handte said he did not know the specifics of why Thyne resigned, but Handte said Thyne mentioned it as a possibility earlier in the year.

“Everybody at some point in their life knows that they’re done in their specific field. I do believe Patty has concluded her career in the law enforcement field, She has her own reasons for leaving and I’m very sad to see her go,” Handte said.

“Patty was a great asset to this department and the community; she was well-liked in town and she was one of the reasons I came to this community. She’s been supportive of me since day one.”

Handte also credited Thyne for helping him with his transition into the Mineral County Sheriff’s Department. Handte added that Thyne served as the first female sheriff of Mineral County in her “acting sheriff” capacity.

Thyne started as a deputy in the department and left as a sergeant. She returned to the force at the request of then-sheriff Mike Dillard.

The department hired Thyne July 29, 1991, and she retired for the first time June 6, 2007. She retired as a high-ranking sergeantas well as investigator and coroner, and handled sexual assault cases. The department reappointed her as undersheriff August 6, 2012. 

She officially retired June 3 of this year.

Handte said Steven McBride, the Securing Our Country safety coordinator is slated as the new undersheriff. “He brings 20-plus years of experience and was even one of the finalists for my job,” Handte said.

Handte said McBride’s previous experience with law enforcement, along with his intelligence and standing in the community nailed down the position for McBride.

“I’ve offered him the position and he’s accepted. We’re just beginning the process of background checks. We’re also going to use him as a liason in our interactions with the base. We need to strengthen our relationship with the base,” Handte said.

“The undersheriff is a very important job in the department. In the absence of the sheriff, they are in command of the department,” Handte said. He also mentioned that McBride is slated to attend “Post,” or the police academy in February of 2015.

“Steve McBride will be a great asset to this department, and I’m looking forward to working with him,” Handte concluded.