Dear Editor,

I know it’s the current fad for unreasoning people to beat up Mr. Inlow, in the “Letters to the Editor”.

Let me add my reasons in defense of Mr. Inlow. 

Pursuit of happiness – it makes homeowners happy to putter about on their properties. Ask the hardware store owners if they think the sales of lumber, paving stones, fencing materials, in fact most building products, if we the home owners weren’t afraid of those taxes we call permit fees and inspection fees, not to mention all the paperwork we have to fill out.

It’s been so long since we’ve been under the thumb of the trickle down one percent we’ve forgotten what freedoms like and how inspiring it can be.

How come we give some stranger the right to come onto our property just because some other stranger complained?

How come we give some stranger the right to compel us to build everything the way he or she wants it built regardless of how much we protest?



Dear Editor,

We wish to thank Charlie Morris’ responses to Glen Inlow’s constant badgering of the citizens of Mineral County to support his drive to undermine the county ordinances and specifically the Nuisance Ordinanc at this time he is trying to have repealed.

You have clarified that the new Nuisance Ordinance actually gives a person more rights and a legal process that must be followed that the old one did not have. Mr. Morris also you are right on about in a civilized society there has to be laws established for the general good of all.

We too are in agreement that we want to be proud of our county for ourselves and how we present Mineral County to visitors and prospective companies and residents.

Thank you, Mr. Morris, for stating exactly how we feel and for being willing to answer to Inlow’s unrelenting efforts to brainwash the people in Mineral County to his narrow view. We believe that Mineral County residents are more intelligent than he seems to be giving us credit for.


Betty Easley; Willow Phillips; June Dement; James Pruss; Patrick Hughes; Lynn Lyttle; Ray Gulcynski; Jennifer Isom; Jacqueline Carr; Karry Larramendy; Rick Isom; Gary Amunson; Darryl Conway; Curtis Isom; Curtis J. Schlepp; William Getz; Kelli Lawrence; Yvonne Downs; Arlo K. Funk; Rena S. Crittenden-Funke; Lawrence Lee Amundsan; William Leaming; Linda Mathias; Chris Nepper; William Seymour and Ron Souza