In February of this year, the Independent-News reported on allegations made by a Hawthorne woman against the founder of Jam On It.

The allegations stated that Matt Williams, founder of the Jam On It youth basketball program had a sexual relationship with then Mineral County High School student Ashlee Orndorff.

The investigation was brought forth after Orndorff had made many social media posts. Orndorff was one of the best high school basketball players to come out of Northern Nevada.

The Amateur Athletic Union investigated the allegations and cleared Williams.

Williams did publicly state that he had a consensual relationship with Orndorff after she went to college and in 2002, the two would have a child which was put up for adoption. At the time, Orndorff was 19 and Williams was 33.

Orndorff stated that she had filed a complaint with AAU in March of 2005, accusing Williams of the sexual misconduct at that time. She also filed for a temporary restraining order in Washoe County against him.

Williams, a star basketball player from Nevada from 1987-1991 helped to pioneer youth basketball tournaments by modernizing and putting all events under one roof.

Orndorff was also a star in basketball for the Mineral County Lady Serpents and helped her team win three state titles.

She was a top pick who had interest from Connecticut, North Carolina, Duke, Stanford, Arizona and Oregon. She would choose to play for the University of Nevada, Reno – leaving halfway through her first year. After the adoption of her child, she would go on to play basketball for the University of Portland.