Mineral County Commissioner Highlights from June 6 and June 19

Safety message

Patrick Hughes gave a safety message about office safety.

Accounts payable

Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer stated that the cash balance for Mineral County is $279,000, expenditures are $240,000. A meeting will be held on June 27 to finish out the budget.

Tyler Technologies

Hoferer asked for the approval to enter into a license and services agreement with Tyler Technologies for the purchase of the new Incode Financial Software for Mineral County and Hawthorne Utilities.

The live date will be in September. The first billing will be in July for half of the payment.


Bailey Pena sent a thank you not for their donation to Safe Grad.

George Markle sent his resignation to the Walker Lake Advisory Board.

Barbara Edington advised the commissioners that the Walker Lake Advisory Board has not had a quorum nor do they have a secretary. Commissioner Garth Price is requesting an agenda.

Business license

The following business licenses were approved: Ryan Greenhalgh, Titan Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Liquor license

The commissioner entered into the Mineral County Liquor Board. The following license was approved: Nevada Restaurant Services, Inc. – Bourbon Street Sports Bar #159.

Gaming license

The commissioners entered into the Mineral County Gaming Board. The following gaming license was approved: Nevada Restaurant Services, Inc. – Bourbon Street Sports Bar #159.

Jail video

Sheriff Randy Adams asked for a new jail video system through a USDA Rural Development’s letter of conditions. The commissioners signed the letter. Price stated that he had toured the padded jail cell and was impressed with how it looks.

“It was not what I expected,” he stated.

Ballistic vests

Adams stated that this is through POOL/PACT for six ballistic vests. The cost will be $6,000 with a 25 percent match and will not happen until July 1. The item passed.

Memo of Understanding – Fire Dept.

Fire Chief Chris Lawrence explained that this is a forgiveness approval for a memorandum of understanding with SOC Fire & EMS. He stated that this was brought to him the day after the last commissioner meeting. He stated that nothing has changed besides dates and names.

Contact Sheet

Ana Fitzgerald, office manager for Hawthorne Utilities stated that it had came to their attention that Price was still listed on the paperwork for signing the information ad contact sheet for the Hawthorne Wastewater Treatment Plant Wetlands Project and Hawthorne Regional Water Plan. Fitzgerald would like to add Commissioner Jerrie Tipton to the draw request and remove Christopher Nepper, clerk and treasurer and adding Ana Fitzgerald.

Home-Delivered meals grant

Cherrie George, senior services director asked for forgiveness on submitting the Aging and Disability Services Division FY2019 Congregate Meals and Home-Delivered Meals grant applications which were due on June 5. Tipton allowed Hoferer to sign so that paperwork could be put into the mail before deadline. Price stated that next time, have the vice-chairman of the board sign the documents.

Senior dining room furniture

George stated that this item has to do with table and chairs purchased in 2000 from a discretionary grant. She stated that this is not county property. They would like to sell the items and put the funds back into the senior center.


Staci Emm with Cooperative Extension met with Leavitt Construction to move the cooler from the Armory Building to Cooperative Extension Building. The cost is $4,927. Price asked why the locks were changed on the cooler.

Eric Hamrey, Director of Public Works asked if Cooperative Extension will be handling all maintenance costs after it is in their possession.

Questions about where the cooler came from. Schyler Hagen stated it “came with the building”.

The commissioners moved that Leavitt Construction can move and rehome the cooler.

Renewal of proposal

Wayne Carlson and Woody Isom met with the commissioners to accept the renewal proposal from Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool (POOL) and approval for payment from fiscal year 2018-2019 funds.

Carlson discussed different agencies/individuals within the POOL and the policy.

The renewal was accepted.


Michael Stephens and Erin Dunagan met with the commissioners to use the softball field to put on a fireworks celebration.

Price asked for those selling off the fireworks to wear pants and not shorts. A dumpster would also be needed.

An account is set up at Financial Horizons Credit Union. A motion to donate $600 from the commissioners travel budget was approved. The fireworks need to be invoiced and then the county will pay.

Search & Rescue

Mineral County Search & Rescue President Glenn Bunch explained that the group needs new safety gear. He asked for financial assistance to purchase the gear. Bunch gave an overview of the SAR safety gear.

Price stated there is a line item in the sheriff’s budget for search and rescue.

Hoferer stated that the only funds spent out of that line item was for a Dodge Ram.

The coats cost $150 each and there are 25 active members.

George asked if this would be available for a POOL risk management grant.

Commissioner Chris Hegg stated that he feels this needs to go through the sheriff as it is his budget.

Price made a motion to spend $2,000 out of this year’s budget and $1,000 out of next year’s budget with the sheriff’s approval to purchase new safety gear.

Walker Lake clean up

Barbara Edington with the Walker Lake Advisory Board asked the commissioners for their support for a Walker Lake clean up and use of dumpster. A motion was made to put a dumpster at the lake from the 22nd to the 2nd.

Contractor Procurement Policy

Tipton explained that Hamrey wanted this back on the agenda for a possible amendment of the contractor procurement policy. Hamrey explains that he is over buildings and grounds and would need to stay in the loop.

Hamrey explained that there have been jobs finished lately that he has had nothing to do with. According to the contractor procurement policy he would need to be attached to it.

“It’s hard for me to oversee something if I don’t know it’s happening,” Hamrey said.

Question as to the Hawthorne Utilities new door/concrete steps that was not ran through Hamrey and was “probably” over $5,000. Discussion of judge’s chambers remodel.

“I believe if any work is done on a county building, a building permit is needed,” Tipton said. “Though they don’t need to pay for it, we need it to track and liability.”

“Any work on county buildings should go through public works,” District Attorney Sean Rowe told the commissioners.

“Anything that is structural, permitable, ADA compliant, I need to be in the loop,” Hamrey explained.

Hamrey feels he needs to be part of the scoop of work, engineering and all aspects of the job.

“What is the difference between trying to save money and doing this in-house or getting a contractor?” George asked.

Rowe suggested that something be put on the website on how to be added to the contractor list.

Tipton would like to reagendize this item.

A motion was made to amend the policy to $10,000 from $5,000 for solicitation of bids. The motion passed.

Other items will be discussed at a later meeting.

Big Flag

Wade Barton approached the commissioner to purchase a new “Big Flag” from Sign City. He explained that a new one was purchased prior to Armed Forces Day. The cost of the flag is $2,660.

Tipton would like Sign City to invoice the commissioners for $1,000 for this fiscal year and $800 for next fiscal year for the purchase of a new “Big Flag”.

Nuisance complaint

A nuisance complaint was filed for parcel #001-253-14 for the nuisance of cockroaches, dog poop and garbage. The property is located at 372 C Street in Hawthorne. The commissioners made a motion to have the building inspector investigate.

Job evaluation of Kathy Kachelries

The board of commissioners met for the job evaluation of Kathy Kachelries. The item read: For consideration and possible action relative to conducting annual performance evaluation of Mineral County Museum Director Kathy Kachelries including, but not limited to possible promotion, endorsement, engagement, retention, termination, suspension, demotion, reduction in pay, reprimand or ‘no action’.

Kachelries stated that she struggles with bringing the museum to a higher level.

Kachelries resigned from the director position to become the assistant librarian.

Commissioner recognition

Hegg recognized Kachelries for all her hard work with the museum.

Resignation of Kachelries

Kachelries tendered her resignation as conservator of the Mineral County Museum. Reluctantly they accepted.

Filling of position

The soonest that the advertising could be published for the museum conservator position would be June 28. The commissioners will publish in paper, interview on the 11th with a start date of the 16th.

Public comment

Chris Nepper would like the following to be on record, “Note on the canvas is unofficial until the canvas is complete and he would like the board to acknowledge that.”