Through the month of February the Walker Lake Advisory Board in conjunction with the Walker Lake Volunteer Fire Fighter’s and Mineral County Care and Share’s would like the entire county to join a new community program called “S.O.S. – Save on Site” which is a loving outreach to support a lifesaving project for yourself and others.

When a 911 call comes into dispatch and a first responder walks into a home, the victim may not be able to communicate the much needed information one would need to quickly access the immediate situation. The Mineral County “S.O.S – Save on Site” program will provide each resident with a tall prescription bottle, which has a basic informational questionnaire rolled up inside.

Once it is properly filled out by each resident, it is housed in the door of a refrigerator, which any emergency personal would have access to. A small sticker on a front window will indicate that you are participating in the S.O.S. program.

The questionnaire is basic medical info, contact information and medication. It would immediately indicate to a first responder whether one is possibly diabetic, has seizures or may be under treatment or experiencing a side effect from medication. Information to identify heart issues, high blood pressure or numerous other indicators can assist in treating onsite and beyond.

During the month of February, donating the tall, empty plastic medicine bottles at the proper locations throughout Mineral County will help offset any costs. A plastic container has been provided to initially collect enough bottles for everyone within the county, especially those that are elderly or ill. Please remove all personal stickers with any identifying information and simply drop them off.

The current drop-off locations for bottles are Hawthorne Care and Share, Mina Care and Share, the Buffalo Stop in Walker Lake on weekends and the Independent- News office during weekdays and other county drop-off locations may be added.

We hope to collect over 4,000 bottles by the end of February, to possibly save more lives and assist our local fire fighters and first responders. In March, this program will begin rolling out to all county residents. Please alert friends and neighbors of this effort.