Barbara Owens

Running for Mineral County Commissioner Seat C

Greetings fellow citizens of Mineral County:

I am Barbara Owens, and I am excited and honored to be running for Mineral County Commissioner Seat C. I feel this is a great way to serve my community and bring some positive changes to Mineral County. I also believe that this will be a wonderful opportunity to participate in caring for the county as a whole. Many of you may remember me from my work done as Mineral County Parks and Recreation Director.

During my time as director, I worked on department budgeting, grant writing and implementation of objectives in the grants, facility upgrades and administration. My involvement as director allowed me to complete projects that benefited the community such as: Lion’s Park new play ground and awnings, the mural on the swimming pool entrance and all the upgrades to the Young Citizens’ Activity Center (YCAC). I have worn many hats in our community in order to get better programs for the youth in Mineral County. I worked constantly to bring Boys and Girls Club to our town. I still serve my community as an Elks Lodge 1704 member, VFW member and a Coalition board member. I was a board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Mason Valley and the Mineral County Convention and Tourism Authority (MCCTA) for two years respectively.

My goal is to work with our county departments, public agencies and citizens to beautify, maintain and upgrade Mineral County to achieve our greatest potential. I truly feel that we have a great deal of opportunity to get a lot of work done by working together. In this supportive leadership role I plan on holding those in charge accountable to follow county codes and be responsible to the public. However, most importantly my goal is to keep the safety and health of our citizens in the front of all that we do because that is our surrounding communities and their people.

Economic development is important to our future. County government should be partners with growth in that development is enabled by our ordnances and regulations rather than obstructed. A forward thinking county commission is the gateway for future growth and I look forward to working with companies and agencies that bring those opportunities to our communities. I am excited to meet with those companies and find ways they can fit into our county.

Please know that if I am elected I will do my best to listen to my community members and work for all of you in a positive and beneficial way. Commit to working with all sides of each issue and use my negotiating skills to bring issues to a positive and peaceful conclusion.

Thank you for considering me as your next Mineral County Commissioner. Please vote Barbara (Barb Owens) Mineral County Commissioner Seat C.

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