Submitted by Kathy Trujillo

The Dream Team, a stakeholders’ group for the Hawthorne Junior High School, is not only urging students to finish the school year strong but have an ambitious agenda for the next couple of months. Their April events began with a teacher’s appreciation spaghetti dinner on Wednesday. This was the day of parent/teacher’s conferences and subsequently a very long day for staff.

“Part of our mission is to support our teachers and let them know that we care about them,” stated Kathy Trujillo Dream Team facilitator.

This idea came about during the February conferences when everyone worked through mealtime. All junior high and high school teachers will be treated to dinner and dessert.

Fundraising has been a part of the groups’ focus, and you will see them at the Earth Day event on April 14. Then the group will be hosting a potluck dinner/dance for all students in grades 6, 7 and 8. This dance the, “Bring Your Favorite Adult – Mother/Son – Father/Daughter Dance” is being held to held transition the 6th grade students into junior high and to invite parents into the social environment. The dance will be held on April 21 at the junior high gym.

May will start off with a “Flock, the Town” fundraiser. For a small fee, individuals will be able to flock friends’ yards or workspaces with pink flamingos. Once flocked, the flamingos can be designated to descend upon another location for a small fee. For those who wish not to be flocked, the Dream Team is selling insurance policies to keep the flock off their grounds. The flamingo flocking has been sponsored by Ace Hardware, Port-of-Subs and an anonymous donor.

In addition to anonymous donors, Invenergy, operators of the Luning Solar Energy Project, recently presented the Dream Team with a $500 check to help support their endeavors within the school. The projects accomplished thus far include student transition/mentoring program, football field/school grounds clean up, duct tape the principal, bathroom renovation, snow ball holiday dance, Christmas present wrapping and Leprechaun fun run/walk. The Leprechaun Fun Run/Walk raised nearly $1,000 for the Dream Team thanks to community sponsors and student participation. Sara Dennis, Dream Team Treasurer, has multiple students who have volunteered to help her manage the organization’s finances.

As the school year winds down, the Dream Team is preparing to expand into enterprises which all students will be invited to participate. The creation of a school store and development of concessions at the Junior High will start as soon as students return from Spring Break. Breanna Hatfield, Dream Team President, will be heading the enterprise activities which will include opportunities for students to learn life/business skills to include business planning, inventory, customer service and accountability.

The Dream Team’s Vice President, Sarah Dillard and Secretary Charmaine Eschelmann are also working diligently to assure that the group stays active and involved. From its inception, the Dream Team has focused on working from individual and organizational strengths in order to create positive change. Everyone is invited to participate, and the meetings are held at the High School Library on the following Tuesdays, beginning at 6 p.m. April 24, May 8 and May 22.

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