Sheri Samson
The Mineral County Motorheads Club recently held its inaugural meeting at Maggies.

With an emphasis on bringing back summer night cruises and to support the common interest of sharing one’s unique ride, The Mineral County Motorheads (MCM Club) was recently formed by an initial group of 14 participants, all eager to begin their presence within the entire county area.

Mike Kunzi from Special K Fabrication offered up several logo ideas, while requesting that resident, Randy Samson be nominated as chairperson. The sentiment of including all unique, motorized vehicles into the club’s formation was a unified decision, which included all years, makes and models of cars, trucks, motorcycles, specialty vehicles, unique off-road items and trailered race cars. One member stated, “They know who they are. This is for the ones that love their vehicles and love the sport of sharing within the framework of being a dedicated motor-head.”

In expressing a desire to gradually expand their involvement with other outlining car clubs, members shared a positive intent to support the local businesses. Members were excited to organize the club in a manner that would benefit others. By creating Show-and-Shines, a Cruise in the County and developing a Facebook page, many designated ideas were being considered. By keeping the club membership open to everyone, an interest in allowing the group to expand was beneficial. Developing a platform to exchange helpful informational tips and resources was also at the forefront of ideas.

With many interested locals living on varied schedules, the group decided to run two club meetings per month for now. The second Saturday of the month will be a noon luncheon meeting, while the fourth Saturday of the month will accommodate the 9 a.m. breakfast meetings.

The next Feb. 10 meeting, will be a noon luncheon at Maggie’s Once More, but will include a photo-op of local rides immediately following, entitled “Meet the Rides at Patriots Park”. In a discussion regarding the soon to be removed, once beloved, local cruise spot, or what locals referred to as “The O.G.” (Old Garage), located along E Street, members desired the chance to take one last historic picture of their present-day rides, lined up below the historic patio cover, before the demise. Without any firm demolition date scheduled, the MCM Club decided to embrace this opportunity as a welcomed goal, with club members hoping for a good turnout of Mineral County rides.

Comments regarding a possible club involvement in the planning of a future park, initiated at that exact location, was discussed. Sentimental thoughts yielded hopes of salvaging the significant, mid-century styled, service station cover. In relationship to once being a popular cruise spot, this related theme incorporated into the conversion of a revised Patriots Park, was discussed as a benefit with the town retaining some history.

With Hawthorne’s Armed Forces Day currently on the horizon, club members were anxious to build up a solid membership so the participation as a group may be strong. To find out more information about The Mineral County Motorheads, see their Facebook page or call 951-768-9616. No membership fee is involved at present time.