Mineral County Sheriff incumbent

Hello, my name is Randy Adams, and I am the Sheriff here in Mineral County. I am a lifelong resident and have been serving the citizens of Mineral County in Law Enforcement for nearly 23 years. I have never had a break in service to you in that time.

Describe your law enforcement/managerial experience.

I began as a Reserve Deputy in January of 1996 and went full-time in May of 1996. While at the Sheriff’s Office I was a Patrol Deputy, Sergeant/Supervisor, Investigator, Field Training Officer, and an instructor of Physical, Verbal and Weapons Tactics. I also assisted with the procurement of department equipment.

I moved to Juvenile Probation in September of 2009. While at that post, I was the Juvenile Probation Officer directly under the Chief. I assisted with the administration and supervision of the department to include the Juvenile Resource center, which had 8 full time as well numerous part-time employees. I received vital training in Police Supervision and Strategic Budget Planning for Law Enforcement Executives.

I became your Sheriff in January, 2015. As the Sheriff, I received training in Leadership in Law Enforcement and Management Rights. I also have participated in numerous hours of training in other related fields to keep up with the trends and changes in criminal justice. I have brought that training back to the men and women of our department to better serve the public. I have an intimate knowledge of the budgeting process and have returned money to the General fund every year of my tenure.

What do you see as the sheriff’s primary role?

The Sheriff is the chief executive law enforcement officer of the county. He/she provides oversight and management to all divisions, to include, patrol, detention, dispatch, civil, records, search and rescue and administrative. The Sheriff creates, maintains and enforces all policies, procedures, general orders and directives, manages all aspects of the budget to ensure everything from wages, benefits, training, vehicles and specialty equipment down to paperclips are all provided so personnel can perform their duties.

Additionally, the Sheriff is a public official. I field questions from the general public and from the County Commission on all aspects of the Office. I am responsible and accountable for ensuring the Sheriff’s Office serves this community. I have done this by locating and obtaining outside funding sources to increase resources and improve the services we offer. I am also responsible for obtaining and managing all memorandums of understanding and mutual aid agreements with outside agencies to ensure the collaborative, community-based agency Mineral County deserves. Lastly, the Sheriff must provide leadership. A sheriff must lead by example with CHARACTER over charisma and with HUMILITY to ensure this office accomplishes our primary mission: serving our communities, safeguarding life and property, and protecting the innocent.