Courtesy photo
Eagle Scout Kyler Musselman is helped by family members on his scout project of installing sign anchors for the Mineral County Sportsman’s Club.

Working side by side with friends and family, Kyler Musselman, a senior at Mineral County High School has been working towards his Eagle Scout rank.

For his Eagle project, this Scout has been working with the Mineral County Sportsman’s Club by installing and cementing in post anchors for local canyon or popular site signs. The Sportsman’s Club then installs the new brown signs informing off-road enthusiasts of their locations.

Musselman has installed the anchors in the following canyons: Alum; North; Boy Scout; Johnston; Powell; Stone Cabin and Del Monte Canyons. Signs will also be placed at the following popular sites: Alkali Valley; Aurora; Rough Creek; Masonic and two on Lucky Boy Pass.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Musselman has been accepted to Montana Tech in Butte, Mont. where he will begin his education in metal fabrication after graduation.

“This is a good project”, the Scout told the Independent-News.