20 Years Ago – Through the efforts of Sheriff Rocky McKellip, the guest speakers at the awards dinner for the new Pop Warner Football Program were Dave Wassick and Robert Berry, former professional football players, who were living in Gardnerville at the time. Berry is best known for leading the NFC in passing yardage while a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. He also played for the Minnesota Vikings and participated in the Pro Bowl and three Super Bowls. After college at San Jose State, Wassick was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs as a middle linebacker and was later traded to the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

10 Years Ago

• The Walker River Workday at Weber Reservoir was a success as 6th-8th graders at Schurz Elementary School learned how to establish a functional wetland. The workday, organized by Vicki Moyle, Walker River Paiute Tribe Projects Office and Randy Emm, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Indian Programs, was one of several workdays for youth in the Walker River Basin watershed this year.

• El Capitan Resort and Casino and Hawthorne Recycling donated turkeys to Hawthorne Care and Share. El Capitan donated 20 turkeys and Hawthorne Recycling donated eight turkeys. The turkeys are going to be used for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday dinners.

• Kristen Stinson and her husband, Will, are happy with Kristen’s 3×2 buck she got in the Truman Meadows area in Mineral County on Monday, Nov. 12. Not only is this Kristen’s first mule deer buck, but she also got her first antelope earlier in the hunting season.

20 Years Ago

• Arnie Bond of Hawthorne became Mineral County’s newest member of ABC’s “Century Club.” Bond bowled a nice 234 became which was 100 pins over his average to earn the award.

• The Second Annual Christmas Parade, sponsored by the Mineral County Chamber f Commerce was held in conjunction with the Chamber’s “Fisherman’s Holiday Fish Derby” at Walker Lake.

30 Years Ago

• The 3rd Annual “Super” Trout Derby at Walker Lake, sponsored by the M.C. Chamber of Commerce, was set for the Thanksgiving weekend. Ten trout had been caught, tagged and then released back into the lake, with special prizes to be awarded if any of these fish were caught during the derby.

• Dick Smith, representing the FMC Gold Company’s Paradise Peak Mine, presented Tiny Cardenas, president of the Hawthorne Little League with a $4,000 check as a contribution toward the construction of the new Little League ball field in Hawthorne.

40 Years Ago

• Bids were opened for the construction of the new library in Hawthorne and the firm awarded the contract for the job was Bliss Construction Co. of Fallon on a bid of $293,427.

• The Hawthorne Lock, Stock and Barrel Club held a Walk-thru Rondee Voo at the local range area located five miles east of Hawthorne on Highway 95.

50 Years Ago

• The NAD Hawthorne football team wound up the season with a victory over Hunter’s Point, Calif.

• Hawthorne’s unit of the Nevada Army National Guard was given its 15th Annual IG Inspection. Colonel W. A. Smith, Senior IG Inspector from the Sixth Army Headquarters in the Presidio of San Francisco conducted the inspection with Master Sergeant James B. Hooks as his assistant.

• Attending the Governor’s 1967 Manpower and Economic Development Conference in Las Vegas, Capt. Wm. W. Schweer, Commanding Officer at the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot, brought attention to development possibilities in the Hawthorne area.

60 Years Ago

• Hanson’s Food Market in Babbitt planned many special events during the pre-Christmas season. They planned to award two bicycles, a potable TV set, an electric blanket and a cookware set.

• A total of 33 building permits for new construction and remodeling job were issued in Hawthorne from July 1 to Nov. 1.

• First in a series of town meetings was held at the Mina Municipal Building to discuss ways and means to bring television reception to that area.

• Rocket tests were under way at Walker Lake.

70 Years Ago

• L. E. “Mac” McKinney and Frank Hofsteden, owners of the Nevada Garage on the corner of Fifth and F Streets in Hawthorne, acquired the agency for Chevrolet automobiles and trucks.

• The new 1948 Kaiser and Fraser cars were being displayed in Hawthorne.

• Winding up the 1947 football season in a blaze of glory—the Mineral County High School Serpents trounced the Douglas Tigers 46-0 in the final game of the year. What really sparked the Hawthorne team was the fact that Javey Walker, Hawthorne’s top quarterback, had returned to play after being benched the entire year after suffering a broken collar-bone. The team was all fired-up and they showed it by some fantastic ball playing. Walker really made up for the time he lost. Other members of that great team, which was coached by Henry “Lefty” Mayer, besides Javey Walker were: Robert Richie; Dona and Willis Barmore; Ervin Billman; Raymond Joe; Oscar Gordon; LaMarr Kreimeyer; Bob Cropley; Ronald McKenna; Phillip Moore; Roy Lee Payne; Marvin Danley; John Caniff; Bill Griggs; Don Ferris; Buddy Hannebohn; Richard Nixon; Don Dewalt; Richard Arrenas; Richard Bowler; Frank Barcellos; Raymond Bobb; Robert Driscoll; Robert Dupes; Tommy Manfredi and Forrest Kinkead.

80 Years Ago

• A rich gold deposit was uncovered by Bob Pohl and Dick Unger on Dick Pledge’s property in the Gillis Range 13 miles north of Hawthorne. The find was in a 25-foot tunnel at an elevation of approximately 7,000 feet. (Editor’s Note: that is the general area where a large mining company was reported to be looking for ore during this same time back in 1997.)