80 Years Ago – Conflicting laws governing possessory rights to property and permits to graze cattle on the same property under terms of the Taylor grazing act were aired in the justice’s court here when George Milich filed a criminal complaint against Charles Aldridge and M.B. Sapp were found guilty

10 Years Ago:

  • Several employees of the US Army Quality Assurance Division at Hawthorne Army Depot were recognized for their outstanding services while assigned duties in Afghanistan at a gathering of US Army civilian personnel at the depot. Being recognized for their outstanding service were: Chris Boyd and Braden Ramsey of the QASAS Group. Also recognized was Ray Montoya with the Louis Dellamonica award he received as the Army Munitions Command Personnel of the Year 2007 and Richard Wilson received several distinguished awards and medals for his outstanding performance while serving in Afghanistan.
  • Through the efforts of Mineral County Public Works, University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension and Mineral County Economic Development Authority, a grant was secured to hire several youth of the community for summer employment to assist in cleanup, painting and maintenance duties within the Hawthorne area.

20 Years Ago:

  • Amanda Allen, sophomore at Mineral County High School, won a spot on the United Spirit Association’s “All Star” Squad while attending cheerleading camp at Sacramento State University. The honor included the opportunity to travel with the National “All Star” Squad to Paris, France. The squad would tour Paris the last week of the year and then perform for the Paris Millennium Parade on New Year’s Day.
  • Lennie Gibbs was celebrating her 102nd birthday.

30 Years Ago:

  • Christopher Holmes of Hawthorne had been charged with two counts of attempted murder, one count of battery with a deadly weapon, one count of battery with intent to kill and one count of assault with a deadly weapon as a result of a shooting incident that took place after midnight on July 12, on Hawthorne’s main street and in a nearby parking lot. Holmes, 38, who was being held in county jail in lieu of posting $100,000 bond, allegedly fired several shots from a pistol. Matt Elder, 19, also from Hawthorne, was struck in the abdomen and Jerry Logan, 59, of Lee Vining, Calif., who was standing nearby, suffered a leg wound when hit by a bullet, which officers said might have ricocheted from a building or sidewalk.
  • Martin Eugene Jones, charged with fatally injuring James Howlett in a fight in Hawthorne had waived a preliminary hearing and was expected to be arraigned in district court later.

40 Years Ago:

  • A contribution of $1,200 was presented to the Justin Manfredi fund by some marathon motorcycle riders from Virginia City. The presentation was made at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Virginia City to Brenda and Justin Manfredi.
  • A jury trial in a criminal action was opened in district court in Hawthorne with Judge William Beko presiding. Defendant in the action was Norman E. Hudgens, who was charged with slot machine cheating. He was arrested on Feb. 12 along with another man after both allegedly were engaged in illegal manipulation of a licensed gambling game at the El Capitan Club in Hawthorne.

50 Years Ago:

  • Four Hawthorne juveniles assertedly “borrowed” an automobile in Hawthorne to enjoy a brief ride which developed into an extended trip that placed one awaiting a hearing at Elko, while the other three youths were awaiting hearings in juvenile department of district court in Hawthorne. Officers said the youths drove from Hawthorne to Yerington where, during the night, they ran the borrowed automobile into an irrigation ditch while being pursued by Yerington police. The youths abandoned the car and escaped. One hitched a ride back to Hawthorne, while the other three walked back to Yerington to take another car. The three drove to Lake Tahoe, Lovelock, Winnemucca and Elko. Two of the boys gave up the drive in Elko and called their parents in Hawthorne. The fourth youth continued his drive 18 miles east of Wells and a one-car accident injured him to the extent he had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital in Elko. He was returned to the Elko School for violating terms of probation.
  • Hawthorne-Babbitt 13-year old Babe Ruth League Baseball team won the Nevada Title for 1969 by defeating Sparks 4-2 at Carson City.

60 Years Ago:

  • Fire broke out at the Wright Motel office when a neon sign had an electrical short. Hawthorne Fire Department put out the blaze.
  • Two well known residents of Hawthorne were painfully injured when the automobile in which they were riding collided with a burro on Highway 95 about nine miles south of Mina. Mrs. Pete Castellani and W. W. (Woody) Loftin, enroute to Tonopah to meet Mr. Castellani, both were thrown from the Castellani Thunderbird after the collision and sustained injuries that resulted in the hospitalization of both persons.

70 Years Ago:

  • A Hawthorne boy, Roy W. Dike of the Naval Ammunition Depot, took top honors among Nevada entries in the senior division of the Fisher’s Body Craftsman’s Guild model car competition; it was announced by Arthur Dondieau, superintendent of schools in Detroit where the judging of the models had been in progress.
  • Richard Morris, eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Morris of Hawthorne, was alive and well because of the quick action of a group of men who contributed their efforts to save the boy’s life when he nearly drowned at Walker Lake. Richard was one of more than 100 youngsters who were swimming at Navy Beach. It was believed that he struck his head on a rock when he dived into shallow water from a raft located some distance from the main swimming area.

80 Years Ago:

  • Highway graders out on the Kinkead cut road construction job were getting the mining fever. The men were finding good colors as they turned over the rock and sand. Several very good pieces of ore had been picked up.

90 Years Ago:

  • A 70-foot diesel motor car was placed in operation on the Mina-Goldfield run by the Tonopah and Goldfield Railroad Company. The new motor coach succeeds the conveyance which had been used since discontinuance of the daily stream train was operated twice weekly and the motor coach the remainder of the time.
  • The accumulation of dirt along the shore of Walker Lake increased and had spread almost the full length of the body of water. Sections that were free a week prior had become affected and the swimmers had become alarmed over the possibility of losing their place of enjoyment for the balance of the summer.