Honoring those who have served either in the military, law enforcement or first responder is what the 9/11 Memorial Mt. Grant Challenge team is highly dedicated to.

Their mission is to challenge those who are brave enough to climb the highest peak in our county, Mt. Grant, as a tribute to those brave individuals who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

The 17-mile climb takes you from Walker Lake level up 7,000 feet to the peak of Mt. Grant.

After the terrorist’s attacks that affected so many personaly and emotionally on that tragic day in 2001, the Hawthorne Army Depot was closed to outdoor enthusiast activities.

Under the guidance of Courtney Isom and Dave Womack, the two helped to get Mt. Grant back up and open to hiking enthusiasts. Later, those who would like to do a day drive up the mountain – were permitted.

The first hike commenced in 2011 and each year has grown by a participant and volunteer size.

Standing in the cold December air, in Veteran’s Memorial Park in Hawthorne, committee members of the 9/11 Memorial Mt. Grant Challenge team thanked Lt. Col. Scott Bishop for allowing the event to continue on the mountain.

Also thanked was David Larsen, General Manager of SOC a Day and Zimmerman Corporation, who presented the board members with a generous check to ensure that the event continues.

Both Lt. Col. Bishop and Larsen were presented with metal photos of the Battlefield Cross which was installed at the park earlier this fall.