Hawthorne Township Justice of the Peace candidate

As justice of the peace, you are expected to work in an ethical manner. Describe a situation where you needed to remain impartial in your decision making.

As your next Justice of the Peace I will agree to abide by the code of ethics in place.

I will focus on the needs of the victims and offenders, while determining the controversies between the parties and protecting their human rights, before enforcing the final judgment while remaining impartial according to the law.

What is your understanding of precedence?

Precedence can be used in many ways.

In life we have to set precedence, family work and social activities.

That’s when we have to prioritize our day to day living.

Some think they have precedence over someone or something, because of who they are, what title they hold, or position they are in. They become their own first priority. Precedence in the Justice system is different than our own personal use.

The Justice of the peace doesn’t get to pick and choose who or what goes first, they have to follow policies and procedures. All in a timely manner.