10 Years Ago – Oct. 30, 2007 became a Remembrance Day for Sgt. Kenneth E. Bostic. Sgt. Bostic was killed in the line of duty on Oct. 30, 2006 when a sniper’s bullet took his life. “America’s Patriotic Home” was called to duty making Oct. 30 Sgt. Kenny Bostic Memorial Day allowing members of the community to remember the life of our fallen hero and sacrifices he made of all of us.

10 Years Ago

• The Walker River Basin work day at Walker Lake proved success as Mineral County High School chemistry students showed Mineral County fourth graders how to test the lake water for alkalinity, PH, nitrates, oxygen levels and phosphates. The students also learned about Tamarisk on the north and south ends of Walker Lake. While the students were showed the root structure of a Tamarisk, Tony Tipton and Dan Kaffer came across a layer of volcanic ash under the surface near Tamarack Beach. Kaffer said the volcanic ash could have been deposited along the area when the volcanoes at Mammoth or Mono erupted thousands of years ago.

• PVT. Kenneth R. Little successfully completed thirteen weeks of basic training at the Marine Corps Recruit Center in San Diego, Calif. Little’s next step will be three weeks of additional Marine Corps Training at Camp Pendleton in California and upon completion will be sent for job training.

• Hawthorne Elk Dave and wife Sandy Baleria spent Thursday afternoon repainting the main front sign of the Hawthorne Elks Lodge, donating the enamel and supplies. The double-sided icon of Hawthorne’s Elks now gleams to greet visiting Elks in the bright red, white and blue colors of “America’s Patriotic Home.”

20 Years Ago

• Bernetta Meier of Hawthorne, an employee of the Hawthorne post Office since 1985 and a 24-year veteran of the U.S. Postal Service was selected to be the new Postmaster of the Mina Post Office.

• Hawthorne BMX riders traveled to Las Vegas to participate in the Silver State Championships and they did very well. Local riders who won Plates at the races were: Jeremy Abrams; Oscar Berry; Cory Collins; Brian Harvey; Grant Harvey; Casey Kee and Jay Sears.

30 Years Ago

• Mineral County High School’s cross country racing team, comprised of John and Yolanda Lockwood, made a great showing at the Fernley Invitational Meet. John, running against 27 other boys, came in first in the race that was two and one-half miles long. He ran the course in twelve minutes and fifty-three seconds. Yolanda, winning against 12 other girls, also came in first place in the race. She ran the same course in sixteen minutes and fifty-two seconds.

• The MCHS Serpents Football Team lost in an overtime game to the Independence Colts in Elko. The final score was 14-8.

• The Serpent Junior Varsity football team played the Tonopah Muckers and was victorious by a score of 46-6.

40 Years Ago

• Bids were being accepted on the construction of the new library to be built in Hawthorne.

• The ninth annual Mt. Grant General Hospital “Benefit Ball” was held at the El Capitan Convention Center. The theme of the event was “Octoberfest-Hoe-Down” and appropriate attire for the evening ranged from blue jeans to country dress. Everyone who attended had a great time.

• The Mineral County Commissioners appointed Don Cavin, Gene Christensen and Don Gruwell to the county game management board.

• The Yerington Lions over-powered the Serpents 60-6 in the last football game of the season.

• The Mineral County High School girls’ basketball team defeated the Manogue Miners 40-21. Their record was 6-4 going into the last game of the season.

50 Years Ago

• James X. Willie, 76, a prominent Life-long resident of Mineral County, was the victim of a shooting incident at Schurz. Officers said the shooting followed an argument between two men at the Cline’s “Y” in Schurz. Willie was employed at the “Y” and was shot by a “stray” bullet that claimed his life.

• The Schurz 4-H Club had a very impressive Annual Achievement Day program where many awards were presented to members of the club for their achievements.

• In a thrilling non-conference football game, the Serpents lost to the Lovelock Mustangs 14-13.

60 Years Ago

• The hard-fighting Gabbs Tarantula six-man football team faced the champion Fernley Vaqueros in the Gabbs Homecoming game. After a thrilling game the Gabbs team was defeated 36-27.

• The fast and powerful Elko Indians football team over-powered the Serpents grid squad 26-7.

• The first public dance of the school year was held at the high school gymnasium. The annual “Cinderella Kickoff” was sponsored by the Future Homemakers of America class at MCHS.

70 Years Ago

• Many national and state officials accepted invitations to attend the annual Navy Day celebration in Hawthorne. Included were: U.S. Senator George W. (Molly) Malone; U.S. Senator Pat McCarran; Governor Vail Pittman; Attorney General Alan Bible; State Controller Jerry Donovan; State Highway Engineer Billy Holcomb and G. H. Smith, representative of the federal roads public administration.

• The Fallon Green Wave Football team edged the Serpents 18-13 in the final minutes of play in a thrilling game.

80 Years Ago

• A young man in an Army uniform, with a slight gunshot wound in his leg, was given a ride to the naval ammunition depot dispensary by a truck driver who picked him up on the highway near Schurz. While receiving medical care at the dispensary, the young man admitted he was an AWOL solider from Presidio of San Francisco. When he was provided “quarters” in the Navy brig pending instructions from his home base in California.

• Senator Pat McCarran visited Hawthorne Sunday and briefly discussed issues before Congress that affected Nevada. He said he would continue to vigorously opposed efforts to deny married couples in community property states the right to file separate income tax returns. McCarran was accompanied from Reno by Mr. and Mrs. Pete Peterson, and was met here by Highway Patrolman Bill Maher who drove the senator to Tonopah.

• Congressman William R. Thom of Ohio, ranking member of the House Subcommittee on Appropriations, came to Hawthorne with Nevada’s Congressman, James Scrugham, to make an onsite inspection of the naval ammunition depot. Thom was supporting the effort of Scrugham and Senator Pat McCarran to obtain appropriations for the expansion of facilities at the local depot.