By Trina Machacek

You know when you fall down or trip on your own feet you can feel the eyes of those around you are upon you? How do you know that? Is it because when someone around you falls down or trips on their own feet that you are watching them? Well not on purpose of course, it’s just human nature. I know that when I see someone do some sort of slip and slide I watch. But I watch and think two things. First I think, ouch that’s going to hurt tomorrow, and I feel sorry for the slip-slider. Then I think, man I’m glad that isn’t me. See? All human all the time!

I admit that I like to watch people. When I go to a city and shop I usually end up watching people more than watching for the best bargain on toilet paper or shoes. People are so much more interesting than the next big thing in the way cheese is presented to entice me to buy the biggest hunk that I can afford. I mean come on. How long would it take for me to use a five pound chunk of sharp smoked Gouda? Now if it were a five pound tub-o-ice cream… Back to the people peeping.

It has been a while since I was in a mall. I rather enjoyed seeing the men in the area we called the man corral, waiting while the women shopped. Men in the corral looked like they were either half asleep or they had that deer in the headlight look searching the faces for their other half to come back and free them from their self prescribed jail.

Some of the best people watching I have found are those out and about around lunch time. Maybe at a park. Occasionally we like to grab some cholesterol filled sack of goodies and drive to a park, sit in the car and enjoy the show. I must say the bigger the city the more obscure you find the entertainment. Now don’t think I am poking fun and anyone. I will be the first one to be poked at due to my nonchalant carefree being. But sometimes there are just views that you can’t stop looking at and describing can become quite entertaining. Like…

I don’t know much about Yoga. I understand that it is meant to relax you, center yourself and keep you flexible and feeling good. Sounds wonderful, wish I had the where-with-all to Yoga myself. Or is it do Yoga myself. Anyway. I presume men do some Yoga too. With that in mind here is what the view was when we zipped through an In-N-Out Burger and headed to a little lake nestled in South Reno to refuel ourselves before attacking the afternoon list we needed to fill.

All set with fries balanced on the dash and the drinks stuffed in cup holders I look out the window and well there was a guy, about mid-fifties in a pinkish workout suit standing about fifty feet away in the middle of a little grassy area and he is doing Yoga. I think it was Yoga. Now I don’t have anything against anyone doing Yoga, outside, in the fresh air, getting healthy, feeling good. But this guy wasn’t doing what I would call Yoga for Yoga’s sake. He was doing Yoga as entertainment and as he continued I noticed that he was doing Yoga as adult entertainment. Yes, use your imagination. I moved the car…

The next parking place on the other side of the little lake put us in line with a few walkers. I walk for exercise. I enjoy a nice walk. I don’t get all into it and go fast. I prefer to saunter. Probably not the walking that a doctor would say was doing the most good for me. My walking is more of a head clearing than an artery clearing exercise for me. Getting back on the path.

The walkers around this little lake were really into the walking. Pumping hands and arms. A group of four mature ladies passed by all talking at once like they needed to be the first one to tell about the guy doing Yoga at the other end of the lake! Quite entertaining but they moved quickly by us with every hair in place and all wearing matching sweat suits that still had wrinkles from being new out of the packages. A very happy group of friends.

I bet even we were watched that day too. Especially when I goobered ketchup down the front of my shirt. I am such a lady. Yes I looked around to see if anyone was watching. So watch yourself and giggle. It will be your turn sooner or later. That day we saw two very different shows at one location and all for free. I just love free! Don’t you?

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Share with her at Really!