Mallory Chidester
Mineral County Commissioners are discussing the possibility of tearing down Patriots Plaza, a long-shuttered gas station on Main Street in Hawthorne.

The future of two buildings in Hawthorne are at the fate of the Mineral County Commissioners as talk of tearing down the buildings will be brought to the table.

The properties: Patriots Plaza and the former Sierra Pacific Power Building have both been flagged by the county to be used in a CDBG grant to help clean up blight in the community.

The Sierra Pacific Power Building which was used to store county property has been cleared out in the anticipation of this teardown, whereas Patriots Plaza seems to hold more controversy.

Known as the “OG” to the youth of Mineral County, the property has been used to store holiday decorations for a county organization but it also is a favorite hang out at night for the youths of Mineral County.

While the property tends to stay picked up, neighbors in the area have complained about the noise pollution that comes from the plaza late at night.

Drawing for a new park are on file at the county clerk’s office. In a small town like Hawthorne, the question of why Patriots Plaza should be turned into another park has been on the minds of many.

In the transfer of the property from Redman Petroleum Corporation in 2004, the gift deed of the property clearly states that the property located in the 800 Block of E Street “foster the growth of Mineral County, Nevada and to provide for the citizens of Mineral County, Nevada a public park.”

In the gift deed, Mineral County agreed to name the property “Patricia V. McDowell Park” in honor of Patricia V. McDowell.

To share your concern or ideas, contact the Mineral County Clerks Office to find out date of when ideas will be shared.

Patriots Plaza has been deemed as a high priority blighted property by Mineral County due to the dilapidated and unsafe structure on the property.