Building permit waved

Tom Gallegos, maintenance supervisor for Mineral County School District met with the commissioners to request that building permit fees be waived for Mineral County School District underground heating and cooling project.

Gallegos explained that the school district did not expect the $12,000 in building fee permits.

Mineral County Superintendent Walt Hackford explained that after all the fees; the amount left was $2.4 million. “Taking all the money possible.”

Building Inspector Mike Fonatine explained that the fees were $11,000 and the process of the building fees. The plan review fees are 35 percent of the $11,000.

Fontaine stated that he is willing to have the plan fees removed.

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton explained several projects throughout the county who have paid building permit fees.

A motion was made to subtract up to $3,900 off the school district project.

End of year

Recorder-Auditor Christine Hoferer explained that the end of year went well. The Hawthorne Town Fund was over-expended from hiring a fill in fire chief with fines and fees covering the cost. The resolution regarding this was read into record. Resolution 17-018 was approved, regarding this.

Mina Town Resolution 17-019 to augment the budget for Mina Town was read into record. The resolution was approved.

Resolution 17-020 for the Mining Map Fund was to be augmented. The resolution was read into record.

A letter was written regarding budgetary transfers and read into record.

Tax rate

The commissioners discussed the agenda item, relative to adoption to a resolution to levy the tax rate for Mineral County for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2018.

The amount of the levy tax rate read into record is as follows: General Fund 2.0597; China Springs .0053; Medical Indigent .0100; Medical Indigent Long Term .0800; Medical Indigent Accident .0150; Medical indigent Supplemental .0100; Care and Share Override .0600; Capital Projects .0500; Hospital .2000; School .7500; School Debt .2500; State .1700 with the total state and county tax levy totaling 3.6600.

General obligation sewer bonds

Ana Fitzgerald of Hawthorne Utilities put the item: consideration and possible action relative to approval of resolution of intent, proposing the issuance of, ad authorizing the publication of notices relating to General Obligation (Limited tax) Sewer Bonds (additionally secured by pledged revenues) in the maximum principal amount of $1,500,000 for the purpose of financing sewer projects for the Town; authorizing the County Clerk-Treasurer or designee to arrange for the sale of the Bonds; providing other matters properly related thereto; and providing the effective date.

Commissioner Tipton excused herself after voting on this issue as a debt management member.

The title of the resolution was read into record.

Commissioner wanted it to be noted that no-one’s utility bill will be increased.

The motion passed.

Restricted cash for utilities department

Fitzgerald met with the commissioners again in regards to relative action to any necessary budget transfers and/or resolutions augmentation from Restricted Cash for Hawthorne Utilities and Mina/Luning Water Systems for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017.

The resolution was read into record.

Public comment

The commissioners thanked the road department for the boat ramp. The scales at the dump are poured.

Safety message

Emergency Manager Patrick Hughes delivered the safety message regarding safety plans.

Business license approval

The following business licenses were approved: SIF Enterprises dba Hecks Meat Co (Doris Lecker); Brooks Behavioral Health Center, LLC (Devin Brooks), Donald Pederson (Pet Paradise) and Handy Andy’s Disposal (Ralph Countyman).

Senior service grants

Cherrie George met with the commissioners to discuss acceptance of Nevada Aging and Disabilities Services Division Transportation and Case Management grants. They were awarded $35,810 with a required match of $1,345. The transportation grant was awarded at $69,875 with a required match of $2,624. Acceptance of grants was approved.

Economic development conference

Commissioner Garth Price asked for approval to attend the Economic Development Conference in Las Vegas on Sept. 12 and 13 at the expense of Mineral County. Commissioner Price stated he was emailed some information and feels that someone needs to be there in attendance. It was approved for the commissioner to go to Las Vegas.

CDBG grant signature

Clerk-Treasurer Chris Nepper brought forth asking for the authorization for Ana Fitzgerald, Hawthorne Utilities to be designated as an authorized official to sign Financial Status Report and Request for Funds for CDBG Grants managed by Hawthorne Utilities.

Commissioner Jerrie Tipton hesitated stating that she would like Clerk Nepper be the point of contact and that any transactions to be seen by Nepper.

Commissioner Tipton made a motion to make Fitzgerald a second signature regarding CDBG grants in the absence of Clerk Nepper.

Devnet contract

Clerk Nepper asked for acceptance of the five year Devnet contract for property tax, CAMA, wEdge and vital records, license, maintenance and support for the Mineral County Clerk-Treasurers office and the Mineral County Assessor’s office.

Clerk Nepper said the first year cost would be $78,438.40. The payments would be made in four separate transactions. He then discussed the payments for the following years.

He discussed what functions Devnet would be used accomplished in his office, as well as the assessors.

Discussion on the county’s financial standing with PILT funds by Recorder/Auditor Christine Hoferer. Question regarding new server and other additional costs.

Recorder/Auditor Hoferer questioned where the money would be coming from and two offices moving forward and not the county as a whole from the old system.

Western Nevada Development District

Commissioner Tipton discussed the agenda item of approval of payment to Western Nevada Development District for FY2018 in the amount of $5,000.

Commissioner Hegg explained that this development district is an economic development type of organization.

Commissioner Tipton explained that Mineral County is on the list for senior housing in a few year.

George explained that Western Nevada Development District is an advocate for counties. The payment was approved.

Violence Against Women grant

Deputy Clerk Heidi Johnson explained that this was done each year. Commissioner Tipton had signed it in Commissioner Price’s absence.


Clerk Nepper explained that this is for foreclosure property sold on the courthouse steps. Item passed.

Closed session for labor/bargaining

The commissioners went into closed session for labor/bargaining unit contracts, grievances and negotiations. The commissioners decided to ratify the tentative agreement with Union 39 as presented.

George asked if there would be employee wage increases. Recorder-Auditor Hoferer explained there will be a three percent increase for 39 employees with an optional cost of living increase in two years. She stated that in years before she has went in front of the board to ask for raises for the senior center employees.

Closed session for litigation

The commissioners went into closed session pursuant to NRS 241.015(2)(b)(2) to receive information from legal counsel relative to existing/pending litigation.

The commissioners came back into open session. Commissioner Tipton made a motion to approve the comments that were presented in closed session for the Fallon Naval Range expansion. The motion was approved.


A voucher for $38,032.50 to Holland & Hart was approved to come out of the district attorney’s budget. The voucher was approved.