Mineral County High School principal Rick Taylor has been investigated by authorities for allegedly saying inappropriate things to several female students, according to a Reno television report.

KOLO TV said the Mineral County Sheriff ’s Office investigated the reports and determined no laws had been broken. The investigator, though, said ac- counts by the students suggest behavior commonly known as “grooming’’ by theprincipal.
The station obtained the investigative report dated March 15 that said the incidents involved at least four girls and took place in the principal’s office. The report quotes the students as saying Taylor asked them whether they were virgins and who they were dating. It said he also complimented them on the way they dressed.

The mother of one student said the principal showed up at her home one night when her children were alone and was intoxicated. The student called her mother at work and she came home and ordered him to leave but he refused. The report said another teacher was called to get him to go.

Taylor did not respond to the television station, while school superin- tendent Karen Watson said only that it was a personnel matter that she couldn’t comment on. He told sheriff ’s investigators he never had conversa- tions like the ones alleged by the students.

The girls quoted in the report ranged from age 13 to 16.