Paul Patrick Voorhees

Nov. 13, 1964 to Nov. 4, 2016

Paul Voorhees will always be remembered by those who knew him as a kind and generous human; loving brother; doting uncle; genuine, dedicated, tried-and-true friend; valued co-worker; thoughtful care-giver to the young; and surrogate parent to many of our dogs and cats.

The loss of his physical presence in our lives is heart-wrenching. The outpouring of stories and special memories of family members and friends, is soothing. We are grateful.

Paul passed away on Nov. 4, 2016, in Beverly, Mass., nine days before his 52nd birthday. It gives us comfort that he did so in the embrace of his family and in the company of dear friends. His years were shaped by the broad geographical reach of the places he called home, the amazing people who entered his life, and by the soft and hard life experiences that made Paul the man we love and miss.

A creative person, Paul was influenced by the wonder of the people and places he knew, and the diverse cultures that informed his broad world view. Our lives are filled with his love, expressed through his helping hands and big heart. Paul’s beautiful beadwork has cradled our infants’ feet, marked our birthdays, accented our weddings, held cuttings from our gardens, and adorned vessels that have carried beloved family to their final resting places. His insatiable desire to feed everyone around him, his ability to create beautiful gardens in small spaces to share with family and neighbors, and his love of music and dancing, are some of the ways he made an impact on our lives.

Paul is remembered daily and with much love, by his siblings and their families: Alix Voorhees (sister) and John, Sophia, and Ian Eliason; John Voorhees (brother) and Michelle Rossi Voorhees, Giacomo, Anisia, and Giavanna Voorhees; Maia (sister) and Chris and Shayne Johnson; as well as extended family and friends near and far.

A celebration of life in Paul’s honor was held Sunday, March 12 in Schurz at the Walker River Paiute Tribal Gymnasium.