Business license approvals

The following business licenses were approved for Healthy Trees (Thomas Henderson), G. Vincent Wells Construction (Gerald V. Wells) and Message Therapy by Michaelia (Michaelia R. Adams). All licenses were approved as presented.

Dajin Resource Special Use Permit

Mark Nixon with the Mineral County Regional Planning Commission presented the Dajin Resources Corporation. He stated to the commissioners that the special use permit was “pretty straight forward”. He explained that there was an agreement with Mineral County roads to do some road maintenance. Commissioner Jerrie Tipton directed Nixon to record the special use permit and forward it onto Dajin. Tipton explained that the company is waiting for the permit to send to the Bureau of Land Management.

Convention and Tourism Authority vacancy

Barbara Owens with the Mineral County Convention and Tourism Authority met with the commissioners in regards to the appointment of a hotel representative to the board. Owens asked the board if they would like to wait until her position opens after her registration from the county. Tipton discussed the applicants and explained the Tina Manzini would be a good asset to the board “with her knowledge and experience”. Commissioner Chris Hegg stated that he would like to appoint Woody Isom. Owens explained that there will be two vacancies with her resignation. Commissioner Garth Price stated he also supports Isom.

Tipton asked for a recommendation from the convention and tourism authority. Tipton made the motion to appoint Manzini to the board. The motion died for a lack of a second. Hegg made the motion to appoint Isom to the board. Isom was appointed to the board.

Resignation of Owens from convention and tourism

Price read the agenda item to accept the acceptance letter from Owens from the Mineral County Park and Recreation Director. She stated her last day would be March 23. The commissioners congratulated her on her new job. The item was accepted.

Relocation of park and recreation

Commissioner Hegg stated that he placed the item onto the agenda after hearing of Owens’ resignation. The item would be to move the county park and recreation operations under the road and grounds department and to eliminate the park and recreation director position. Price weighed in on the idea stating that Eric Hamrey has no foreman and he would possibly be strapped.

Owens explained that everything she has done has been for the community. There are many upgrades that need to be done. She stated that the following items need to be addressed: grant for Lions Park for the swimming pool, resurfacing of tennis court, sod and watering system. She stated that the grant was due March 10. Owens is concerned that a swamped director will be overwhelmed.

Hamrey explained he had no problem taking on the parks.

Tipton moved to moved the park maintenance under buildings and grounds of the county budget and at this time, not hire a director, effective March 23.

The motion passed.

Youth events coordinator

Owens asked for a temporary assignment of a youth events coordinator for YCAC, Boys and Girls Club/youth activities.

Owens asked if she could move an employee to full-time interim. She stated that the agenda item was wrong as there is no directive over the Boys and Girls Club and that the YCAC is non-profit. The commissioners stated that the county runs the YCAC.

District Attorney Sean Rowe was not present for some of the discussion. Recorder/Auditor Christine Hoferer stated that the board should be okay with the appointment of a temporary youth events coordinator.

Owens recommended Melissa Isom for the position. Owens explained that upon her resignation, the non-profit YCAC will be dissolved. Melissa explained that she coordinates all programs.

Discussion on a salary for Melissa Isom was discussed. Melissa Isom was approved to the position.

USDA Community grant for Hawthorne Utilities

Hawthorne Utilities Director Larry Grant explained that the USDA Community Facility Equipment Grant for Hawthorne Utilities will include office/shop cameras and security system. Grant explained that the commissioners need to sign the letter of condition, grant agreement, letter of intent and obligation of funds. Grant explained the new security system. He stated that there is a voice recording system over the counter to deal with irate customers. The cameras were put into place as well as door/window alarms. He discussed further security projects.

Commissioner Price asked that a sign be posted regarding customers being on camera.

Nevada Rural Counties RSVP program invoice

Commissioner Tipton explained the invoice, which was read into record at the prior commissioner meeting. The motion to pay the invoice was approved.

Museum conservator interviews

Commissioner Price requested that this item be put onto the agenda. Hoferer explained that her office was called and asked to cancel all interviews for the museum conservator position. Tipton explained that it is her understanding that the museum board terms had all expired. Interviews will be scheduled for March 15.

Gary Funk with the museum board stated that they will resubmit their letters of interest to be on the museum board.

Deputy Clerk Heidi Johnson asked about running the notification of vacant board members in the newspaper.

Hawthorne Justice Court personnel

Amber Torres with Walker River Paiute Tribe and Rowe discussed the personnel for the Hawthorne Justice Court. The personnel will be provided through the JOIN grant. Torres gave a background on the personnel issue.

APN #005-250-03

Rowe explained parcel APN#005-250-03 where the Road Runner Motel sits on. The property is now in Mineral County trust. Rowe explained that the tribe has expressed interest in the property. Rowe explained that since the property is in trust, it can be conveyed to another government entity. The tax lien is approximately $7,100. Rowe explained he is unsure if there are any private liens against the property. Use of the property was discussed. Grant explained that the well on the property needs to be abandoned prior to the transfer of the property.

Torres explained the prior history and explained that she would like to turn the property around into a positive light.

Torres and Rowe will discuss the issue.

Rural Desert Southwest Brownfields Coalition

Rachel Schlick and Lorraina Dellinger, assistant county manager for Nye County, discussed the Rural Desert Southwest Brownsfield Coalition and made a presentation on activates in Mineral County.

Nevada State Parks

Eric Johnson with the Nevada Division of State Parks discussed the proposed park for the East Walker River.

Johnson explained that Elmer Bull with NFWF wanted to discuss the proposed state park with the state about 16 months ago. Johnson explained about the pros and cons about the issue.

Water was explained for the properties. Restoration of the stone house at Nine Mile was discussed.

It was made clear that currently the properties are not state owned.

More discussion will transpire when details are worked out.