Larry Grant, Director of Hawthorne Utilities, explained the landfill charges and assessment fees to the Independent-News.

He states, “The landfill assessment was increased from $10 to $12 and the gate fees have been removed completely for residence no matter how many loads they bring. This does not apply to contractor or commercial haulers waste that is disposed of at the landfill.”

He also states that the landfill assessment was increased from the $10 charge to a $13 charge for Walker Lake, Mina and Luning residents as these customers are using a free waste bin facility and the overhead and maintenance costs for the facility “has been expensed out of the landfill budget.”

“These rates and charges are reviewed annually by the Mineral County Commissioners to ascertain the need for any change in the collection rates to promote financial responsibility and prevent unwarranted surpluses or insufficient revenues.”

This will take effect on the first of July.