Mineral County firefighters and volunteer firefighters for Hawthorne, Walker Lake and Mina were busy last week when two fires broke out. One in Hawthorne – another in Mina.

The fire in the 300 block of I Street in Hawthorne was started in an outbuilding, which had electricity connected to it.

The power pole fell, causing fires to fall onto a trailer, which was vacant and catch of fire. The fire then spread to the fifth wheel trailer next door. Occupants within the trailer were able to get out unharmed.

Courtesy photos
(Top) Smoke rises the morning after a nighttime fire broke out in Hawthorne on I Street. (Bottom) A home in Mina was left uninhabitable after a blaze swept through it Saturday.

A blaze on Saturday in Mina left an older home on Battan Street uninhabitable after fire broke out. No one was harmed in his fire.

The fire was fought with garden hoses until the Mina Fire truck was able to make it onto the scene until water ran out, stated a bystander who called the fire into Mineral County Sheriff’s Office.

Mineral County Fire as well as Hawthorne Fire volunteers would be called to the scene, where they were able to “roundy round” water to the structure fire, stated the bystander.

An online auction as well as a bake sale was held in Hawthorne to raise money for the victims of the Hawthorne fire.

A call to the Mineral County Fire Department was placed. A volunteer stated that they could not comment on either fire.