Gay Ann Williams

Gay Ann Williams

Gay Ann Williams, a resident of Hawthorne for the past 12 years, was recently selected to head Mineral County’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). Williams moved to Hawthorne following 25 years of service to the State of Nevada Department of Prisons and other state offices. Upon her arrival to the community, she engaged in volunteer and community activities and accepted employment with Financial Horizons Credit Union where she was a member services associate until 2011.

Williams has been volunteering for RSVP for the past several months.

She said her thought was, “What if I was disabled and unable to drive myself to Reno or Carson City to the doctor or for medical treatment? I would want someone like me to drive and help me get the services I need.”

As Field Representative her responsibility will be to recruit volunteers and identify clients eligible for the program. She will seek volunteers to provide transportation, home companion and respite care to the senior population of Mineral County. In her new role, Williams will also be available for presentations to community organizations about the benefits of RSVP which also includes the Lifeline (Personal Emergency Response) program.

When she has free time you can find her riding her bike, swimming at the local pool or helping community organizations including the 911 Memorial Mt. Grant Challenge. Williams is an age-group champion of the annual biathlon and has competed in local triathlons.

Please contact Williams at 945-1010, if you need additional information or have any questions.