Naval base expansion

Naval base expansion

As the upcoming hearing for the Naval Air Station Fallon land expansion draws closer (Oct. 7 at 11 a.m. for Hawthorne residents), the Independent-News is sharing with their readers, a copy of the map which shows the expansion of the range.

The “Proposed B-17/Dixie Valley Modernization” shows the base expansion into Mineral County and neighboring Nye County.

The land that is planned for withdrawal from the Bureau of Land Management is proposed to be closed to the public – is in the area of Gabbs Valley behind the Gillis Range. Most Mineral County resident access this area by going over Ryan Canyon.

The Naval Air Station Fallon base is known to be the only facility where an entire carrier air wing can have comprehensive training including realistic battle scenarios.

The impacts to Mineral County are not yet known therefore people are urged to attend the meeting on Oct. 7 at the Hawthorne Convention Center.