In a low baritone voice, lead vocalist, Scott Marshall sang, “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”, as a full room of local residents and children sat listening to the In-Tune Tales presented at the library’s Christmas celebration. With joyful antics, this instrumental trio performed musical fun to attendees, using jazz numbers to traditional holiday medleys that made everyone smile.

Kids snapped their fingers, while adults tapped their feet, as the feel of Christmas rang out in the room.

Katherine Matovich, a skilled violinist and comic talent, brought up song questions to ponder, such as “Why is it that God let the merry gentlemen rest when the women deserved to rest?” She also pulled out a variety of hand instruments, using her noisemakers to highlight the Grinch’s story and received giggling responses from the children seated on the floor nearby.

Ron Savage, an accomplished keyboard player was also into props, as he wore a silly hat to offset Katherine’s green, shiny wig. The zany interaction between the three made for an entertaining evening of smiles and cool tunes. Some tongue-in-cheek lyrics replaced the traditional Drummer Boy song, as the group used a drum machine to attempt singing the song to a non-stop beat.

The Pioneer Center Youth Program assisted in sponsoring this event, with an Americana-Folk approach used in bringing music into the library environment. Following this evening of music, the library hosted refreshments along with a photo-op, as the Grinch was actually in attendance to hear his story being told.