Heidi Bunch Two kindergartners adopt Max Snow, a patron at Hawthorne Care & Share, during Grandparents Day.

Heidi Bunch
Two kindergartners adopt Max Snow, a patron at Hawthorne Care & Share, during Grandparents Day.

Grandparents Day was celebrated last week at the Hawthorne Care & Share with a lunch shared with Hawthorne Elementary kindergarten class and the seniors.

Director Sherrie George invited the students because, “Some oaf our seniors don’t have grandchildren here in town and there are probably some children who don’t have grandparents here. I thought it would be something to do for both generations.”

George believes that this is the first Grandparents’ Day Lunch celebrated with students at the center and both young and old seemed to enjoy the company.

Served a kid-friendly lunch of hotdogs, chips and Twinkies, the seniors were able to talk about school, students were able to talk about their own grandparents.

Escorted by their teachers, Stacy Madrid and Tara Musselman, the students made nametags that they exchanged with their grandparents.

George understands the benefit of activities for the senior population who frequent the center. Funded primarily through grants from the Nevada Aging and Disabilities Services Division, her job and that of her staff is to enhance the lives and prolong independent living for persons 60 years and older.

“I believe having a variety of interests and being actively involved in the community is one way to do that. As the director, one of my responsibilities is to help make these things possible for our patrons, so staff and I are constantly trying to think of new activities and events to do just that – this Grandparents’ Day lunch is one such activity,” George said.

Another multi-generational event planned is the Fall Festival at the Park to be held on Sept. 26 at Lion’s Park. The event is a fundraiser to help offset operating costs of continuing to provide valuable services to the elderly, as well as to promote more community awareness of who we are and what we do for the senior citizens of Mineral County.

“Many people think that all we do is serve lunch and provide transportation, but it’s more than that. Our current funding barely covers the cost of providing the essential services (lunches and transportation). My vision is to increase services, activities and events so our seniors can have more fun in their “golden years”. I’d like to be able to offer more out of town trips to events in other towns or to bring in speakers or entertainers for something different. I read newsletters from other senior centers and am envious of the activities they offer,”

With events such as the Valentine Day handmade Valentine card exchange and Grandparents Day lunch, George is expanding activities for the seniors of Mineral County.

“We can do more here – it’s going to take time, effort and, of course, more money than we receive from grants and tax override so fundraising Is the only way we’re going to be able to offer more”, she concluded.