Dear Editor,

I’m a voter who votes every election and a lot of voters fought very hard to get Adams in as sheriff and also fought very hard to get Ferguson out.

What were you thinking Adams? This man is and was the most, in my opinion, crooked over zealous officer I’ve seen.

We wanted Handte out and you just put someone who is just like him in office.

Guess even people like a fool gets his day.

I must say never will I vote for someone I thought would better our county when you just made it worse.
Sorry Adams. I like you, but thought you had better sense.

Guess we will just move until you find out what you brought in office. WOW!

Thank you for respecting my vote.

I warn everyone this man Ferguson will pull any tactic to get an arrest.

Thank you County Commissioners once again.


Jamie Miller


Dear Editor,

Plans are being made for the Airport Open House of military related aircraft on Saturday, May 16 and also for the military aircraft flyover for the Armed Forces Day parade.

To cover the fuel expenses for the pilots flying their warbirds in the parade flyover we need many donations to bring the Flyover Account to the level that will support them. These are private pilots willing to bring their treasured retired military aircraft to share and join in our celebration with us and to honor the military.

There would have been no parade flyover the past two years if it had not been for these wonderful pilots bringing their planes because the military could no longer do it for us. If we want the warbirds back we will need lots of support and donations.

Several people are collecting cans and that income is being deposited in the Flyover Account at Financial Horizons Credit Union. People who would like to donate their cans for that purpose can leave the sacks of cans by the building at the airport and we will pick them up. Or you can bring them by my house: 901 I St. You can call me and leave a message on my home phone: 775-945-2489 and I will come pick them up.

All donations from any source will be greatly appreciated and can be made to the Flyover Account #16940 at FHCU.

Thank you very much.

Betty Easley