4A surface exploration program has been performed by Dajin Resources Corp. who owns 100 percent of the Teels Marsh claims in southeastern region of Mineral County.

Teels Marsh claims cover 5,405 acres, and an earlier sampling by the US Geological Survey showed the presence of lithium concentrations of up to 850 ppm. Lithium is used in medication; batteries for cell phones, lap tops and electrical cars.

The claims are adjacent to patented claims where borax was harvested by a forerunner of 20 Mule Team Borax.

Teels Marsh is situated near the living ghost town of Marietta which was founded for borax and salt. Teels Marsh first developed in 1867 when the salt was mined and delivered by camel train to Virginia City where the salt was used in the processing of ore.

Western Geoscience, Inc. of Mina, has been retained to carry out a 70-hole sample test project for Dajin.

These claims come after Tesla Motors Inc. recently announced they will construct a ‘gigafactory’ battery manufacturing facility near Reno for the production of lithium ion batteries.