By Eric Dahlberg, MCIN Staff

Mineral County, and counties across the U.S. are breathing a sigh of relief after Congress extended, and fully funded PILT  (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) for one more year.

PILT funding was included on the farm bill that passed last week, meaning local governments in 1,580 counties in 49 states will receive a chunk of the over $400 million dollars distributed.

The news is a huge lift for Mineral County, who counts on about half of the funds received from PILT each year for the county’s general budget. There was concern that if PILT wasn’t fully funded this year, than some services within the county may take a hit, such as Parks and Rec.

For now, those concerns have been laid to rest.

“I am glad and relieved the federal government has funded the process this year,” said Mineral County Commission Chairman Jerrie Tipton. “Now let’s see if they really come up with a permanent solution so counties are not right back in the same position next year.”

Tipton said the county expects to receive around $600,000 this year, and will know the exact amount in about 60 days.