DUI arrests become more prevalent this time of year as we begin to celebrate the holiday seasons with friends and family.

Thanksgiving Eve, is historically known for the busiest bar night of the year, it is also the biggest night for drinking and driving.
An arrest of local resident Robert Vaden, age unknown, happened over the Thanksgiving weekend when a reporting party called the sheriff’s office to a disturbance in the 400 Block of F Street.

Obtaining the vehicle description from the reporting party, Sgt. Earl Perry spotted the vehicle, registered to Vaden and a pursuit initiated until the vehicle entered the desert at a high rate of speed.

Knowing the habits of the pursued, both the sergeant and the deputy on duty began a surveillance around town.

Within less than 30 minutes of the initial call, the arrest of Vaden had taken place after he had tried to return home to his residence. Upon the stop of the vehicle, Vaden, the driver of the vehicle, was issued a field sobriety test and failed. In his intoxicated state, he tried to elude the officers by trying to run into the desert, where he was quickly apprehended.

He was arrested for DUI and obstructing.

Sheriff Stewart Handte reminds all drivers that during these festive times, that people can also be under extreme pressures of work and finances.

“It is a proven fact that drunk driving is higher during the holiday season than throughout the rest of the year.”

He reminds citizens that Mineral County Sheriff’s Office does have a free courtesy ride for those who are too intoxicated to drive. Those who partake in the festivities can have their bartender call for a courtesy ride or contact the sheriff’s office at 945-2434.