Day & Zimmermann, the parent company of SOC LLC., was showcased in the Business Roundtable annual report which showcased their commitment of leading chief executives and their companies to incorporate sustainability into their business practices.

The 2015 report titled, “Create, Grow, Sustain: Leading by Example” details the efforts of more than 140 companies through a series of testimonials and provides insight into how companies such as Day & Zimmermann are employing operational environmental stewardship and initiatives.

“At Day & Zimmerman, we are committed to creating a more sustainable environment by helping customers meet their environmental goals and our employees contribute to building a more sustainable future,” said Hal Yoh, CEO of Day & Zimmermann. “Inclusion in the Business Roundtable sustainability report provides a great platform and we hope that Day & Zimmermann’s efforts serve to inspire other business leaders to embrace sustainable practices.” Yoh concluded.

Day & Zimmermann was recognized for their role at the Hawthorne Army Depot as one of the first companies in the nation to adhere to the international energy standards of the International Organization for Standardization.

Day & Zimmermann employs 23,000 employees and is ranked by Forbes as one of the largest private companies with $2.5 billion in reserves.