Closed since Sept. 11, Mt. Grant is now open to those who wish to explore it.

Mt. Grant, which is the highest point in Mineral County, stands at over 11,000 feet. It is part of the Hawthorne Army Depot and had been closed after the 2001 terroist attacks.

Now, the mountain will be available to those who wish to explore the mountain, but with a few restrictions.
According to Marianina MacPherson, Mt. Grant can only be accessed by reservation. Those who wish to make a reservation can call the Hawthorne Army Depot Pass and ID department at 775-945-7101 or MacPherson at 775-945-7601.

On the requested date of reservation, the applicant will proceed to the Pass and ID department (during regular base operational times) or to the guard operations (after hours) to finish the permit process and pick up a hand-held radio.

The permit must contain: names and numbers of each person in your party (regardless of age); type of vehicles; license plate numbers and time that party wants to be unlocked from the canyon.

At the pre-designated time, a guard will meet the party at the lower gate of Cottonwood Canyon to search the vehicle for contraband; weapons; alcohol; flame producing items and such.

The gate will be locked once the search is completed and the party is within the base property of the canyon. The party is then allowed to proceed upon the mountain to explore, but must be back at the gate at the designated time.

The guard will then take the radio and permit or they can proceed to the base to turn in the two items.

It should be addressed that the radio is for emergency traffic only.

Mt. Grant offers Camp Dixie, where a party can have a picnic; scenic views, miner’s cabins and wildlife viewing.