After negotiation, a buyout contract worth $80,424 net, according to an email response from Sean Rowe, attorney for the Mineral County School Board of Trustees, former Mineral County School Distric Superintendent Chris Schultz was hired to the same position by the Luck School District in Luck, Wis.

A positive feedback, according to the Enterprise Press newspaper, of the community panel, district staff and school board members believe that Schultz will be a positive addition for their district.

Schultz had a lengthy Skype interview with the new district and the school board due to the distance between Nevada and Wisconsin.

He traveled to Wisconsin on March 27 for a face to face interview with a community panel, staff and the board.

The decision to hire Schultz was made in a closed session on March 27. The Luck School Board came back into open session and offered the position to the former Mineral County School District employee. Schultz accepted the position.

Schultz is a Wisconsin native. He has worked as a school principal in Arizona before moving to Nevada to take the superintendent position.

He informed the retiring Luck School District superintendent that he has a mother living in Brule, Wis. and wanted to get back to the Wisconsin area.

A phone call was placed to the Luck School District. No phone call was received at press time.