Walt Hackford

Walt Hackford

With the buyout of Chris Schultz finalized, the Mineral County School Board of Trustees set forth to appoint a new district interim superintendent.

Walt Hackford, Schurz Elementary Principal, had been appointed to the position earlier in the year and with that appointment, the board felt it was for the good of the district to appoint him to the open position.

“I have agreed to work to the end of my principal contract, which I believe is the first or second week of June, before I start the superintendent contract and there is no adjustment [salary] between now and second week of June. I will do both jobs at my current contract.” Hackford informed the board.

“We appreciate that,” Glazier told Hackford.
Hackford’s initial contract to replace outgoing superintendent Chris Schultz is scheduled to begin on July 1. In order for Hackford to assume the position of interim superintendent after his contract as principal of Schurz Elementary expires, the board will need to negotiate a contract for the few weeks prior to the original contract.

Sean Rowe, attorney for Mineral County School District, advised that Hackford and Chairman of the Board Keith Neville, get together after the meeting to discuss a compensation plan.

Hackford will begin his new duty as interim superintendent of Mineral County School District on May 7.