mcin 11-13-14Standing in place as the home of the Mineral County Independent News since 1933 was the printing establishment for Mineral County and Hawthorne. The printing facility was located in the 600 block on F Street with the front of the building facing E Street.

In 1933 J. W. Conners and J. R. McCloskey established the Mineral County Independent News and began printing the newspaper. Printing equipment formerly used to print the Western Nevada Miner in Mina was moved to Hawthorne and served as a nucleus for the Independent’s printing plant. In 1935, Connors and McCloskey purchased the Hawthorne News and merged it with the Independent. In 1954 McCloskey purchased Conners’ interest in the paper.

Looking for a more modern and space the Independent News was moved to the new constructed home at 501 D Street where the building stands today owned by Valley Propane.

In 1994 the Hughes Brothers, Frank, Tony and Ted purchased the Independent News and the F Street property, the old news office, from McCloskey. The brothers were employees for McCloskey starting in 1948, 1951 and 1952 respectively with each about 60 years of newspaper employment.

With the years taking its toll on the old building on F Street, it became necessary to demolish the structure and in early 2014 the Hughes brothers began the task of demolishing it. The brothers were determined to remove and restore the old front of the news building and after consulting with local construction workers, it was decided to demolish it because of the cracks in the structure making it almost impossible to move and restore, so the decision was made to take it down.