mcin 11-13-14Since they were girls, Corrine Sterns and Susie Berry, have dreamed of going into business together. Learning how to cook from their Grandma Hazel, they realized the importance of food during gatherings. Together, they have become the new managers of the Walker Lake Golf Course kitchen named, Maxine’s Place.

“Everything revolved around food.” Berry states. “Holidays, births and deaths, we always did the food.”

Together, the sister team laughs continuously, a warm, hearty laugh that makes others around join in. When asked if they fight in this new venture, they said yes, but not for long. They know that they need to be a united front, so the squabbles don’t last long.

Unable to come up with a name for the new venture, the two turned to their mom to solve the fight. By naming it after their mother, Carol, both were happy with the name choice.

The food is made from scratch. Sterns does the baking, Berry specializes in sauce. From a favorite of biscuits and gravy to hand-patted burgers and hand-cut fries, each item is made to order.

“Everything I’ve had, from the breakfast burritos to the homemade chicken strips are great”, said a security guard at SOC.

“We are ready to take Maxine’s Place back to a happier time. In January, we are looking at bringing back the Friday night steak feeds, which used to be served at the golf course. We supply everything. You grill your steak the way you like it. We will furnish the baked potato, vegetable, salad and dessert at a flat rate. Not sure of the grill, we will have Max [Susie’s son] on hand to assist.”Corrine states.

Food is ready at 6 a.m. at the base, but Maxine’s Place also has a delivery truck which delivers to base employees who may not have the ability to get to main side to grab a bite to eat. Donuts are always fresh and Scotty’s Mini Mart will soon start carrying a selection.

Berry proudly states that her sister is an award winning cook, with the titles of second place rib cook-off winner under her belt as well as a third place chili cook-off winner. Knowing the importance of people’s time, they strongly recommend that orders be called in to 945-3300. Because the food is homemade, at times, the wait could be a few minutes longer.

The two are awaiting the opening of Maxine’s Place II, which will be located in the old Idle Hour building. Until it’s opening, those wishing for some home cooking are urged to head out to the golf course on base and try anything from a custom wrap, homemade soup or even a piece of cowboy cake, when available.